The World’s Most Expensive ghd Is Here, And It’s Made From 18k Gold

Wait ‘til you hear what it’s worth

File this under things-we-never-knew-we-needed-but-now-desperately-want: ghd has unveiled its fanciest hair straightener yet, and it’s made from 18k gold.

How much does an actual gold ghd cost, we hear you ask? We hope you’re sitting down: more than $3000. But even if you were willing to fork out that level of cash (no judgment), you can’t: these babies are so exclusive, they’re not even for sale.

There are only 70 of the luxe ghd gold® 18k stylers in existence, and only 10 of those will be made available in Australia and New Zealand. You can go into the running to win one of three when you buy any other ghd in the range, but other than that, this is the stuff of dreams only.

ghd gold hair styler
Behold. (Credit: ghd)

Unless, of course, you happen to be Margot Robbie, Jessica Biel or Saorise Ronan, who took the shiny gold styler for a test-drive on the day of the Golden Globes. Needless to say, their hair looked next-level (for a refresher on their Golden Globes beauty looks, head here).

For the rest of us mere mortals, ghd is also releasing a new and improved styler, called the ghd gold (minus the 18k). It launches on February 1, and will set you back a suddenly-very-reasonable-sounding $280.

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