Guess how many beauty products Kylie Jenner uses every day. Just guess.

Seriously, how does she have the time?
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We’ve all seen the Kardashian/Jenner “glam squad”. We’ve heard the legend that it takes hours transform from bare face to selfie-ready. And now we (and millions of her closest social media friends) know another Jenner secret: it takes 22 products to get your standard, every day, run-of-the-mill Kylie Jenner look.

Yes, you read that right: 22. It makes the Korean seven-step beauty routine look positively basic in comparison. Courtesy of Kylie’s Snapchat story today, she revealed details of her makeup routine… and it went like this:

– A mix of two foundations for a “light layer” of coverage, applied with a beauty blender

– Brow pencil to darken and define

– Concealer, round one (she used Becca Ultimate Coverage concealer crème, FYI)

– Laura Mercier Loose Translucent setting powder to set

– A light brown/ terracotta eyeshadow for a base, applied with a medium blender eyeshadow brush

– Dark brown/ chocolate eyeshadow to define

– Concealer, round two. This time, for under eyes and the T-Zone

– Powder, round two, courtesy of Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere compact powder foundation, applied with a damp sponge, then left to “bake” (read: set)

– Bronzer to contour, using a contouring brush (she loves Hoola by Benefit)

– Clear brow gel to set the brows

– Blush (her favourite is Sephora’s blush in Passionate number 23)

– Eyelash curler to curl

– Black mascara on top lashes

– Brown mascara on bottom lashes

– Brown eyeliner along the bottom lash line

– Kylie Cosmetics lip liner in Candy K

– Highlighter on the half halo “c” around the eyes

– Kylie cosmetics lipgloss in Koko

And that’s it! A simple, Kylie Jenner everyday look.

All we can say is that after that, we would’ve definitely lost all will to actually go out, and would probably opt to stay home with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s admiring our perfect makeup. It must be exhausting being a Jenner. 

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