Zoë Foster Blake Reveals Her Ultimate Beauty Routine

The former beauty editor spills on her all-time favourite products!
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Former beauty editor turned Go-To Skincare founderZoë Foster Blake is known (read: adored) for her glowing skin and effervescent persona. In an exclusive chat with marie claire Australia, Zoë talks about the work-life juggle, exercising in her 40’s and her ride-or-die beauty products

I feel very proud of…

Go-To’s new Very Luxe Face Cream. For people with skin issues such as barrier impairment, or [those seeking] firmness, suppleness and smoothness, we needed a cream with a bit more. I have been using it for 12 months and I now see genuine changes in my skin. I’m turning 43 soon and I can’t even say I’ve got dry skin [anymore].

My bathroom cabinet is…

All Go-To Skincare now. That’s what I’ve been working towards: feeling like I had the whole kit. I also have a lot of ugly lab samples in there.

zoe foster blake beauty routine
Zoë Foster Blake basking in the sun on a recent trip to the South of France. (Credit: Instagram: @zotheysay)

I am going to…

Grow my hair out again … my hair is very curly. My daughter has curls [too] and she is battling them … I want to do my curly fringe again to teach her that curls are cool.

I feel my most beautiful when…

I’m happy. I was in New Zealand with my family and I had nothing to do but be in the moment with no stress, which is so rare. Stress is real for all of us in different ways. What are you going to do about it? You’ve got to work – you’re a busy juggling mum. Children add a whole new dimension. [But] I thrive when I have lots of things going on. What I have to work at is compartmentalising. I think I’m getting better at it.

Makeup and hair [products] are…

A whole other story. I love a tubular mascara, and Hourglass’ [version] is my absolute favourite. I love Chantecaille’s [Radiance] Gel Bronzer and the Nars Light Reflecting Foundation. I love Kosas concealer layered over Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Vanish [colour corrector]. I also love Trinny London and Maybelline. I adore my Chanel bronzer. I am always trying eyebrow products and love the Kosas brow gel.

Zoe foster blake hamish blake
Zoë Foster Blake posing with husband Hamish Blake ahead of the 2023 Logies Awards. (Credit: Instagram: @zotheysay)

My exercise is…

Always changing. I’ve been reading a lot about cortisol. As you get into your forties, some stuff doesn’t work anymore. Things have to change. I can’t just make it up and get results. I don’t run anymore. I do a 30-minute walk then some strength work like weights, kettlebells. I really believe in low-cortisol exercise.

I am very big on…

Sleep and take it very seriously. I never have my phone in bed – I always read. We do watch our shows but when it gets to 10pm, I’m like, “Quick, turn it off!”

Shop Zoë’s favourite beauty buys: 

zoe foster blake beauty routine

Go-to Skincare Very Luxe Face Cream, $79 at Go-To Skincare

zoe foster blake beauty routine

Go-to Skincare Gentle Exfoliator, $40 at Go-To Skincare

zoe foster blake beauty routine

Hourglass Unlocked™ Instant Extensions Mascara, $51 at Mecca

zoe foster blake beauty routine

Nars Light Reflecting Foundation, $80 at Mecca

zoe foster blake beauty routine

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish Colour Corrector, $49 at Charlotte Tilbury

zoe foster blake beauty routine

Trinny London Lip To Cheek Sheer Shimmer In Pia, $45 at Trinny London

zoe foster blake beauty routine

Kosas Air Brow Clear Lifting Treatment Gel, $38 at Mecca

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