Zoe Foster Blake Just Launched A New Beauty Product

No-one saw this coming

Zoe Foster Blake’s uber-popular beauty empire already has an obsessive following for its face oils, nude lip balm and moisturisers, but nobody saw this latest launch coming: she’s branching out into silk pillow slips.

Don’t take it as a sign that Zoe is ditching beauty for homewares –  silk pillowcases are actually many a beauty girl’s secret weapon, thanks to their skin-smoothing, hair-saving benefits.

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Take it from Zoe: “I’ve slept on a silk pillowcase every night for a decade, and swear by them,” she says. “I don’t consider it a luxury; it’s an investment in my skin.”

“As such, it made sense to me that we offer one as part of a thorough and effective skincare routine.”

The Go-To Face Case is made from 100 per cent mulberry silk and retails for $65 a pop.

Zoe’s tapping into a global trend for sleeping on silk – read our review here.

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