Zoe Foster Blake shares the 3 make-up products she can’t live without

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There are two truths universally acknowledged: Zoe Foster Blake knows her make-up, and she also has the world’s cutest son.

She’s also pregnant. And, as any woman who’s been there knows, pregnancy can wreak havoc on your skin – particularly if you’re prone to pigmentation.

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So when Zoe shared the three products that have soared to MVP status in her beauty bag since she fell pregnant, we were all ears (pregnant or not, forewarned is forearmed, right?). And here they are:

“I bought (and recommend) stuff that is creamy, dewy and medium to full coverage, cos [sic] I want the brown patches covered, but the rest of the complexion a healthy, natural finish,” Zoe writes, before detailing why she loves each pictured product.

“1. NARS Sheer Glow cos it’s luminous and medium coverage and I am a longtime fan and it’s brilliant.” Find it here.

“2. Hourglass Skin Tint cos despite the tube and the tint in its name, it’s actually full coverage. Of the dewy kind. Never tried before but love/trust Hourglass so was happy to buy and try.” Curious? Shop here.

“3. Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer because it’s thick, dewy-as, and quite frankly, the best concealer I’ve ever used for pigmentation and dark circles and other bullshit trying to make me look tired and aged.” Find it here.

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Because she’s the kind of BBF (that’s Best Beauty Friend) we all want, Zoe also shares how she manages her pregnancy pigmentation. “I’ll keep mine in check with brightening skincare, antioxidants and physical sun protection, (plus regular Omnilux sessions and lactic peels),” she captions the photo.

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