Zoë Foster Blake Just Teased A New Go-To Skincare Product

Our beauty senses are tingling

Our favourite beauty editor turned guru, Zoë Foster Blake, has taken to her Instagram to share a cheeky sneak-peek of a new Go-To Skincare product. 

The ever-witty Foster Blake has teased fans with a blurred out photo of the new product, with the caption reading, “Well. This is embarrassing. I accidentally blurred out the name and description of the next Go-To product! Hopefully I will do a better job of showing it off when it launches in a couple of weeks.” 

Go-To Skincare, founded by Foster Blake back in 2012, already has an array of best-selling products, including Face Oil, Lips! and Exceptionoil, so we can’t wait to get our hands on whatever’s next.

Our bet? A Go-To Skincare face mask – you heard it here first!

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