This TikTok Trend Proves You Don’t Need A New Wardrobe To Cultivate Personal Style

Sustainable and affordable.
The 75 Hard Style Challenge.Getty

TikTok tends to be associated with hyper-consumption. Its not only that most of its creators make money by selling us certain products and brands—even the videos that aren’t intentionally advertising anything still often promote an aspirational lifestyle that feels attainable as long as we have a wardrobe, beauty products or home like the content creator. However, a TikTok challenge, known as the 75 Hard Style Challenge, is doing the opposite.

Based on the viral fitness challenge 75 Hard, the TikTok trend challenges its participants to stop shopping for new clothes and make new outfits using clothing they already own.

The challenge was created by fashion content creator Mandy Lee (@oldloserinbrooklyn) to help people find their own personal style without having to buy anything new.

In fact, in Mandy’s opinion, buying too many new clothes could actually prevent you from discovering your own unique style.

“Repetition is what creates personal style — do not be afraid to outfit repeat,” Mandy explains in her first video.

“The point of the challenge is to get the most out of the clothes you already have and to become more confident when you’re getting dressed.”


Kicking off 2024 with a style challenge! If you want to start the new year off by glowing up, saving money, getting more use out of your closet and firming up your personal style this one’s for you. 75 days of intentionally getting dressed, collecting data, and discovering what you naturally gravitate towards. I’ve used this method many times and it’s one of my favorite easy ways to get back in touch with myself and see my clothes in a new exciting light. Challenge Rules: Get dressed everyday for 75 days Document your daily outfits Do not buy anything new Set your challenge goals/intentions Get creative and rely on your own brain for inspiration Organize + clean out your closet I will be taking part in the challenge and my personal goals are to start wearing pants more, firming up my casual style, and experiment with new shapes and silhouettes. I hope you’ll join me! #personalstyle #fashion #75hardstylechallenge

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Since Mandy posted the challenge in January, it has taken off and made its way to fashion influencers across the globe.

Its no surprise as to why—in our world of fast fashion cycles and micro-trends, finding a sense of style in your own wardrobe is a refreshingly sustainable and affordable approach.

So, how can you try the 75 Hard Style Challenge? We explain below.

What Are The Rules Of The 75 Hard Style Challenge?

In her original video, Mandy shares her six rules for the challenge.

These include:

  1. Get dressed every day for 75 days
  2. Document your daily outfits
  3. Do not buy anything new
  4. Set your challenge goals/intentions
  5. Get creative and rely on your own brain for inspiration
  6. Organise and clean out your closet

While many of Mandy’s eager followers asked whether they could get away with thrifting during the challenge, Mandy maintains that its better to stick with your own wardrobe.

What Are The Benefits Of The 75 Hard Style Challenge?


Day 8 🦋 all blue casual vibes! this definifely beats the leggings i would have been wearing if i wasnt doing this challenge 🤣💖 #75HardStyleChallenge

♬ original sound – maxine wylde

The challenge is not only good for the environment and your wallet, it’s also really helpful for discovering what you actually want to wear.

We’ve all fallen victim to a new trend and impulse purchase only to discover the style never really suited us in the first place.

This way, you’re actually taking the time to understand what you do and do not like to wear.

“You’re going to be collecting a data set for what you actually wear,” Mandy explains.

“This acts as a sort of catalogue to track what you’re really, really wearing, so you can enjoy your clothes in a new way and discover any wardrobe gaps that still exist.” 

For this reason, Mandy also recommends avoiding using social media and Pinterest for outfit inspiration.

“If you’re doing the challenge correctly, you’re going to figure out what is really important to you when you’re getting dressed,” Lee explains. “Is it comfort, is it self-expression, is it ease, is it many things?”

Basically, don’t let an social media platform brainwash you into buying something you don’t actually want or need.

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