You Can Now Be Inspired All Over Again By All The Insane Fashion From ‘The O.C.’ Via These Instagram Fan Pages

'00s, here we cooooome

To be frank, there was not a lot of salvageable fashion that came out of the ’00s, and we’ve bit adieu to most of it, one bedazzled ugg boot at a time. But that doesn’t  mean that we can’t look back at some of the decade’s most influential style icons and feel a little nostalgic (and dare we say, inspired?). 

And there’s really no arguing that, a part from Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, the most iconic fashion muses were none other than the women of The O.C.

From the most obscure going out tops, to the extremely low-riding faded jeans and crop tops, there was no getting past the quintessential fashion of the show that sparked many a fashion lover’s desire for a Chanel quilted bag. 

And it looks like we’re not the only ones who think so as Instagram pages are popping up to page homage to the not-so-timeless style of these ladies (yes, we’re aware they were meant to be in high school), documenting every mini skirt and halter top for our throwback pleasure. 

Just one look at notable pages like @spaghettistrapsoftheoc and @fashionintheoc and you’ll see comment section after comment section flooded with praise for these fashion heroes of the early aughts. 

Below, some of our most beloved looks that, while we wouldn’t wear today, we still can’t get over. 

the oc chanel bag
Not only did this 15-year old own a Chanel bag, but she had many and they all were used as school bags. Sigh.
Marissa Cooper chanel
And don’t forget this Chanel number that Marissa wore to her high school prom.
the OC
Mini skirts forever.
the OC
A cropped silk halterneck seems like the perfect attire for a construction site…
the OC
An extremely low-waisted pair of pants.
the OC
Layered necklaces over going out tops were the ultimate outfit recipe once upon a time.
the OC
Skinny scarves and band t-shirts were very much the look.
the OC fashion
This green DKNY number that Marissa rocked is still remembered to this day.
the OC fashion
Ruffles? Check. Cinching? Check. Boys that don’t notice? Check.
the oc fashion
A classic going out top with plenty of drape to boot.
marissa cooper
More Chanel bags at school, this one would barely fit a pencil case but we must admit, it’s chic.
marissa cooper
School was Marissa Cooper’s runway, let’s be honest.

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