We Couldn’t Help But Wonder, What Would Carrie Bradshaw Wear In 2021?

Carrie Bradshaw 2.0

Airing its final episode 16 years ago, Sex And The City has re-entered the zeitgeist in recent years paying homage to its iconic celebrity cameos, fiercely loyal female friendships and modern-day stance on Big versus Aidan

However, there’s one integral character on the show that we’ve missed the most—Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe.

And as we impatiently await the upcoming revival, And Just Like That…, the not-so-informative trailer has left us with endless questions about what we can expect from Carrie Bradshaw, played by the equally-as-fashionable Sarah Jessica Parker, and her enviable collection of designer must-haves.

Just as memorable as Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, Carrie’s iconic wardrobe featured hot-off-the-runway items that fans have come to know, love and even replicate. 

From her Dior newspaper dress to her cobalt blue Manolo Blahniks, we couldn’t help but wonder… what would Carrie Bradshaw wear in 2021?

Below, we’ve broken down the stiletto-protagonist’s most iconic fashion moments and what current fashion trends she should substitute them with today.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The Fuchsia Oscar de la Renta Dress
Now: Floor-Length Show Stoppers

While it was impossible to forget Carrie’s trip to the ballet with then-boyfriend Aleksandr Petrovsky, it was even harder to miss her iconic Oscar de la Renta drop-waist dress. And, of course, said unforgettable garment will always be in style, present-day fashion sees us opting for more bold colours, exaggerated silhouettes and floor-length options.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The Rainbow Patchwork Coat
Now: Bright And Bold Check Print

Given that Carrie’s rainbow patchwork number saw her land the man of our dreams, Aidan Shaw, there’s no wonder why fans are hoping Carrie will resurrect the style come reboot. But, as we know, our favourite New Yorker is always one for embracing the latest trends and in 2021, said trend is check print. Particularly popular with outerwear, check prints offer equal parts eccentricity and classic style.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The 1950s-Style Church Goer 
Now: Blown-Up Silhouettes And Sleek Footwear

Fans of Sex And The City will surely remember—and cringe at—Carrie’s first experience attending a church service. Naturally, she attends to follow Mr. Big and his mother and not because she’s chosen to discover her faith. Opting for a ‘50s inspired sun dress with white gloves and a straw hat, modern day iterations would see silhouettes balloon out, hemlines creep up and knee-high boots reign supreme.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The Feminine Gentlemen
Now: Full-Blown Androgyny

If there’s one thing that Carrie Bradshaw always did well, it was her avant-garde take on stereotypical styles. Sporting a men’s waistcoat, neck tie and carrying a hat box as a hand bag, her eccentric take on a male staple was revolutionary for its time. Nowadays, androgynous dressing is all the rage. Oversized sizes and shapes, embracing traditionally masculine clothing is here to stay.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The Infamous Tutu
Now: Head-To-Toe Tulle

If you’ve seen even one episode of SATC, then you’re surely familiar with Carrie’s iconic tutu from the opening credits. And while a modern approach to her wardrobe is oh-so-welcomed, this is just one classic that shouldn’t be left behind. Reimagining the tutu, Giambattista Valli’s present day take on the beloved skirt saw it reach new lengths and more cinching in at the waist.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The Oversized Flower Brooch
Now: Oversized Shoulders

With her penchant for oversized floristry, Carrie’s memorable—and enormous—brooch moments even made it into the first Sex And The City film. But will it stand the test of time in 2021? The answer is, most likely no. Rather, modern day Carrie should turn to an exaggerated shoulder for a more up-to-date take on her favourite must-have.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The ‘This Will Do’ Men’s Shirt-Turned-Dress
Now: The Properly-Fitted Shirt Dress

Perhaps one of her most divisive fashion moments, Carrie’s questionable choice to turn a men’s button-down shirt and a belt into a makeshift dress still leaves us puzzled to this day. Whether it’s the shirt and belt combination or the fact that the shirt just doesn’t sit right, her outfit feels quite, well, unfinished. Today, the shirt dress is very much in with iterations created to fit the body comfortably—thank you, darts—making a belt optional, rather than necessary.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The Dior ‘Newspaper’ Dress
Now: The Subtle Ode To The News

One of her most talked about fashion moments was easily the Dior Newspaper Dress. Whether you loved it or hated it, there’s no denying that Dior’s homage to the daily news is a direct link to Carrie’s iconic wardrobe moments. And while, yes, times have changed, so has the scripted garment. Appearing more subtly in 2021, present day Carrie may opt to wear the trend in reduced quantities, perhaps even paired with simple staples and let the newspaper do the talking.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The ‘I’m A Model’ Dress
Now: The Modern Day Statue Of Liberty

Fans of the show—and Heidi Klum—may remember the iconic episode involving Carrie, a runway and a certain stumble that still gives us goose bumps to this day. Another notable moment from said episode was Carrie’s floor-length, floral Dolce & Gabbana gown which never even made it onto the catwalk. Memorable in its own right, 2021 will see floor-length dresses accompanied by statue-esque silhouettes and busy necklines resembling that of the Statue Of Liberty herself.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The ‘Naked’ Dress
Now: The Nearly-Naked Dress

Known as the ‘naked dress’, the nearly nude garment was controversial even on-screen. Contemplating whether she should sport the skin-toned number on her first date with Mr. Big, the risky number leads to the pair falling into their whirlwind romance. Today, going ‘nude’ isn’t on trend. Rather, lace-up dresses and cut-out numbers are all the rage, hinting at little patches of the body without looking too, well, ‘nude’.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The Vintage Fur Coat
Now: Faux Fluff Accents

If there’s one fashion trend that is well-and-truly out in 2021, it’s fur. While many prefer to purchase their fur vintage to avoid the needless killing of animals, faux fluff is an even better way to feel timeless and steer away from needless harm on animals. Nowadays, faux fluff sits on collars, lapels and trims, hinting at the winter texture in a chic and subtle way.

Carrie Bradshaw

Then: The Mr. Big And The Boathouse Floral
Now: Cottagecore Meets Romantic Florals

Every trip to New York should surely include a visit to Central Park’s The Boathouse restaurant. An ideal venue for wedding receptions—or lunches with an ex-boyfriend—Carrie’s only foray in the popular establishment saw her, Mr. Big and her dreamy floral cocktail dress end up in the lake. In 2021, we could see Carrie swap out her ‘90s spaghetti straps and opt for more Cottagecore numbers with prairie collars and more ornate florals.

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