Charlize Theron Gives Us A Peek Inside Her Lady Dior Bag 

Charlize Theron is the latest star to give us a peek inside her Dior bag.
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Charlize Theron is the latest star to give us a peek inside her handbag.

As part of Dior’s ‘In my Lady’ video series, Theron has opened up her cream-coloured Lady Dior bag and given us a curious look at the items she always carries with her.

If you were expecting a handbag full of designer items then you would be wrong—the video begins with Theron whipping out a bag of chocolate coins.

“First, we have some chocolate coins” Theron says wittily. “You can actually buy stuff with this. No matter what they tell you.”

“And then I never travel without a little accessory,” Theron continues as she pulls out a pearl Dior bangle and places it on her wrist.

Charlize Theron with Lady Dior
Charlize Theron with her Lady Dior bag.

While the South African actress shows us a few of her more glamorous everyday essentials, including a bottle of Dior J’adore L’Or for “wherever I am,” she quickly returns to a collection of rather unexpected items.

“I know this looks weird,” Theron says while pulling out a gold balloon, “but it comes in so handy if you want to feel like your hair has a little more life.”

Theron then blows up the balloon and gives her hair a little tap with it while asking, “is it working?”

Next up is a tiny packet of gummy bears, which, Theron explained, are her preferred movie theatre snack.

“I like to travel with my own gummy bears because believe it or not, sometimes I go to movie theatres and they don’t have gummy bears and I can’t watch my movies without gummy bears.”

Theron also pulls out a golden shoe horn, a tub of Dior Les Adorables Shimmering Body Gel (which she adds, is also made with real gold), a glittering necklace worn in a Dior commercial and a heel she lost in 2014.

“The good news is I found it again and now I carry it in my bag so I never loose it again,” Theron jokes.

Theron joins a host of celebrities including Anya Taylor-Joy, Elizabeth Debicki, Elle Macpherson, Gillian Anderson and Lily Allen, in the what’s ‘In My Lady’ series.

You can watch the entire video series on the Dior YouTube Channel.

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