Princess Diana’s 6 Favourite Designer Handbags  – And Where You Can Buy Them Today

We can't look away from these covetable accessories.
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In addition to her philanthropic endeavours, Diana, Princess of Wales, is perhaps best remembered for her fashionable legacy

And while much attention has been paid to her clothing choices, from bike shorts and crewnecks, to *that* revenge dress, her impact on the world of accessories was also significant and long-lasting.

The oft-photographed Princess was spotted with a rotation of chic handbags by her side, from practical totes, to elegant clutches. Diana even joined the ranks of style icons Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly, with several of her most-loved bags named in her honour. 

Plus, in testament to her timeless approach to dressing, many of these styles remain just as covetable now as they were 20 years ago

In honour of her enduring fashionable impact, we’ve rounded up six of Princess Diana’s most iconic designer handbags, including where you can buy them today.

Lady Dior

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Princess Diana was a long-time devotee of the Lady Dior bag, after being given a yet-to-be-released version of the iconic purse in 1995 by the First Lady of France.

The big quickly became one of the Princess’ go-tos, and was eventually renamed as the Lady Dior bag in her honour. 

Gucci Diana Tote

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Slightly more capacious than the Lady Dior, the bamboo-handled Gucci tote bag was another of Diana’s favourites. 

The style was first released in 1991, however an updated version was relaunched in 2021, as part of a larger Diana collection.

Tod’s Di Bag

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Another favourite tote of Princess Diana’s was the Tod’s Di Bag. Equal parts elegant and practical, the Di Bag was Diana’s choice for a variety of occasions, from tennis lessons to business engagements. It’s no wonder the bag has remained a marker of understate luxury well into the 21st century.

Ferragamo’s Lady Di Clutch

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Chic and minimal, this chain-strapped clutch was the Princess’ go-to for dressier occasions. According to Vogue, she liked the style so much that she owned it in 20 colours. It was retrospectively named after the late Princess.


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While there’s no Versace handbag named in Diana’s honour, the Princess was often seen carting a variety of top-handled styles by the brand. 

Anya Hindmarch’s ‘Cleavage Bags’

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Princess Diana’s preference for Anya Hindmarch’s clutches was actually for a very funny– and specific – reason. “We used to laugh when we designed what she called her ‘cleavage bags’, little satin clutches which she would cover her cleavage with when she stepped out of cars,” the designer told The Telegraph.

Where To Buy Princess Diana’s Favourite Handbags

Gucci Diana mini textured leather tote, $5,030 from Net-a-porter.

Small Lady Dior bag, $9,300 from Dior.


Tod’s Medium Di Bag, $4,390 from David Jones.

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