A Definitive Ranking Of Christine Quinn’s Most Iconic Outfits On ‘Selling Sunset’

From extra to even more extra.

Fact: Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn has great style.

Now, we’re not saying her love of logomania or body-con neon is our style, per se, but we are saying that she served looks every single time she came on screen, briefly allowing us to forget about the godawful year we call 2020, and the hustle must be respected.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say Selling Sunset wouldn’t the same without her experimental, and at times, almost cartoon-ish, outfits.

So, in honour of Christine’s unapologetic ‘extra-ness’ and the fact that we’re having withdrawals as we desperately await Selling Sunset season four, we thought we’d do a deep dive on the real estate agent-turned-reality-star’s most iconic looks and rank them, because, why not?

Below, 18 of Christine’s best outfits, ranked from least to most extra.

18. Christine’s White Pantsuit Moment

Christine Quinn's white pantsuit on Selling Sunset

The white wide-legged pantsuit she wore to show Queer Eye’s Karamo a home was extremely tame by Christine-standards, but we’re here for the choker with the cascading ombré fringe and the fingerless lace glove.

17. Christine’s Tweed Mini Moment

Christine Quinn's white tweed mini

For a bride who didn’t wear white to get married, she sure looked good planning a wedding in it! Another low-key yet fabulous look, Christine’s Breton-striped midriff top and off-white tweed mini get-up might not be her loudest ensemble of the series, but it ranks. Extra points for the jacket worn over the shoulders, influencer-style.

16. Christine’s Pink Blazer Moment

Christine Quinn's pink blazer

Ah, the broker’s open. For a day that was certainly brimming with Christine-centric drama, the reality star’s look was surprisingly subdued. Regardless, we’re here for this cupcake-coloured blazer and feather-trimmed camisole combination.

15. Christine’s Blue ‘Burgers And Botox’ Moment

Christine Quinn's blue suit from burgers and botox

Coming through in turquoise blue, Christine’s ‘Burgers and Botox’ suit and bright orange pumps brought her professional and playful sides together with aplomb. Love.

14. Christine’s Pin-Stripes On A Plane Moment

Christine Quinn's plane outfit

Stepping off a plane never looked fiercer. While we can’t ever imagine donning a crisp blazer, lacy bustier and skin-tight pants for a long-haul flight (or even a 15-minute car ride), we’ve nothing but respect for this kind of commitment.

13. Christine’s Pastel Purple Moment

Christine Quinn purple outfit

A look pulled straight from Beverly Hills Barbie’s mood board. Between the feather-trimmed camisole, the lavender mini and the muted fuchsia blazer draped over the shoulders, the entire thing is classic Christine.

12. Christine’s Colour-Blocked ‘Corporate’ Moment

Christine Quinn's red and pink outfit

Honestly, this colour-blocked combination is electric enough to power the $75 million McMansion Davina still hasn’t sold. Although strictly corporate in cut and silhouette, the colour palette is pure Christine. And let’s not ignore the sky-high stilettos and butt-length blonde ponytail adorned with butterfly hair ties. 

Funnily enough, Christine actually told Fashionista that she she wore the outfit to co-ordinate with the $75 million mansion Davina had been taking her to see.

“I do a lot of coordination [for viewings]. You’ll notice, even in the show, when we were at Davina’s house, I knew what it already looked like. I hadn’t seen the house inside, but I knew it was pink and girly,” she said.

“I knew it was soft. For me, I was wanting to bring a ‘Clueless’ moment to that scene. I try to coordinate things with what we’re doing as much as I can, just because I think it’s really fun when you can coordinate with your backdrop.”

11. Christine’s Purple Balenciaga Moment

Christine's purple Balenciaga outfit

Nothing says, “Sorry, I’m late, I was trying to find my runaway dog” but make it fashion, like showing up to your work event in a matching logo-stamped Balenciaga sweater and beanie. Iconic. 

10. Christine’s Louis Vuitton Pants Moment

Christine Quinn's Louis Vuitton pants

Sorry, was that Christine Quinn, or Harley Quinn? Swapping one headache-inducing ponytail for two (we don’t say ‘work’ for nothing!) and teaming it with a furry top, Louis Vuitton pants and a matching Louis Vuitton necklace-cum-lipstick holder while brewing tea in a microwave is sending us.

9. Christine’s Rapunzel Ponytail Moment

Christine Quinn's long high ponytail

Alright, so it’s not technically the outfit, but Christine’s ponytail is as synonymous with her look as any of her many Balenciaga bags. To leave this Rapunzel-esque situation out of the ranking, would be, quite frankly, an insult to fierceness everywhere.

And here’s one more angle for good measure.

8. Christine Star Pants And Space Buns Moment

Christine Quinn's star pants

We love the sheer contrast happening here. While Mary’s t-shirt-and-barefoot situation is, well, all of us, Christine is bringing the star pants, the space buns, the neon stilettos and serving like her life depends on it… all for a chilled out wine-and-whine. Respect.

7. Christine’s All-Green-Everything Moment

Christine's green check blazer

The belted blazer-dress. The all-green-everything. The fluoro playschool earrings. The glasses. The nails. The commitment to this outfit needs to be bottled and sold, that’s all we can say.

6. Christine’s Glittering In Gold moment

Christine Quinn's gold dress

This look would be a scene-stealer at the best of times, but it was especially extra at what was supposed to be a low-key Thanksgiving dinner (look at Brett/Jason in a leather jacket) with the Oppenheim crew. Trust Christine to show up in a gold satin body-con dress, an irreverently draped fur and a spiky dog collar ‘choker’ and a bun that could reach Everest base camp.

5. Christine’s Neon Green ‘Joker‘ Moment

Christine's green outfit

Can’t deny that the girl loves a bit of neon! Some may recall Heather said Christine looked “like the Joker” when taking in her electric lime sweater, fluoro cat-eye shades and asymmetrical tennis skirt, and she’s not wrong. Even Christine agreed, playfully replying, “Thank you. I feel like it all the time!”.

4. Christine’s Black And Gold Moment

Christine Quinn's gold and black pantsuit

There isn’t a single fibre of her being that is hesitant about wearing what most people would call a ‘nighttime’ look during the day, and it’s inspiring, really. It’s not a look we’d ever see ourselves in, but we have to give props for her conviction.

3. Christine’s Rainbow Fur Moment

Christine Quinn's rainbow fur.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is good, because we’re running out of ways to call Ms Quinn ‘fierce’. Her camp and colourful rainbow fur was easily one of the show’s most memorable looks, and the fact she wore it with a hat and a pensive expression really just seals the deal.

2. Christine’s Black Dress And Zebra Moment

Christine Quinn's engagement party outfit

Lingerie and a Zebra? For an engagement party? Now that’s groundbreaking. But seriously, who else could make this look completely chaotic yet normal at the same time? No one, that’s who, and we all know it.

1. Christine’s Black ‘Winter Wonderland’ Wedding Dress

Christine Quinn's Galia Lahav wedding dress
(Credit: @thechristinequinn)

And the award for the most extra of them all? Well, of course it had to be Christine’s sparkly black Galia Lahav ‘winter wonderland’ wedding dress. Honestly, it was enough to make us forget about the dumpster fire that is 2020, and for that reason alone, it will hold a special place in our reality TV-loving hearts.

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