The 10 Thoughts Everyone Has While Watching ‘Selling Sunset’


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for season three of Selling Sunset.

If you, like many of us, turned to Netflix for some some distraction TV recently and found yourself falling down the addictive rabbit hole that is Selling Sunset, you are definitely not alone.

A little Real Housewives and a whole lot of real estate, the reality show appeared on Netflix in 2019, and after the recent release of seasons two and three in 2020, has become something of a mega hit during quarantine.

And much like we did with Love Is Blind, we had some fairly strong thoughts and feelings about the show and its glossy cast members. And we definitely weren’t the only ones.

Scroll on for the 10 thoughts we’ve all had while watching Selling Sunset.

1. I’m just gonna watch a couple episodes to see if I like it… *24 episodes later*

In the age of streaming, just about everything is ‘bingeable’, but in our humble opinion, binge-worthy shows aren’t solely defined by having a lot of episodes to plough through. Selling Sunset taps out at about eight 30-minute episodes per season, so it’s hardly about quantity. It’s about the fact that, just like that the bag of chips you only meant to eat a handful of, you end up inhaling this show faster than Heather can ask “Is this vegan?”.

Watch the Instagram video below for actual footage of us after bingeing all of season three.

2. Okay, Christine is terrifying but, damn, she serves looks

Christine is the perfect reality TV villain (are you listening, The Bachelor?). Why? She gives just enough candour and shit-stirring for entertainment value, but doesn’t tend to go too far into toxic territory. And, her outfits are straight fire. We’re not saying it’s our style, by any means, but she works every skin-tight outfit and headache-inducing ponytail like her life depends on it, and we have no choice but to respect that hustle.

3. *Cries in never being able to own a $44 million mansion*

Honestly, even if we didn’t order avocado toast for 14 lifetimes, we still wouldn’t have enough moolah to make an offer on that ludicrously stunning $44 million house. Or half the houses on the show. Or any houses in Sydney. But hey, we can dream?

4. Damn it, Davina!

But seriously, Davina, can you just not? Okay, okay, not to judge her too harshly, but she’s definitely the show’s true ‘villain’. Between instigating all that drama with Romain and her quick defence of poor Chrishell’s husband shortly after he blindsided her with their divorce filing via text (who does that?!), she’s certainly secured her spot as the most controversial agent at The Oppenheim Group.

5. Maya is low-key the best one

Ah, Maya. Between having an accent so divine we could listen to her recite the back of a shampoo bottle, the fact she pretty much gives zero damns about everyone’s drama and just interjects with a semi-cheeky comment now and then, her sheer indifference is iconic.

6. Um, is this real estate agency even real? Is any of this real?

Sure, on paper, a real estate agency run by two twin men that only hires attractive women sounds like a ‘perfect’-yet-terrible premise for a show, but in the real world? That sounds like workplace discrimination at its finest. So, of course, we had to wonder if this agency was even vaguely legitimate.

Well, we did a little snooping, and by that, we mean Googling (you’re welcome) and found out that yes, The Oppenheim Group is very real, and in fact, also has a number of other staffers (including men) who are not seen on the show. All of the stars are licenced agents, but some of them have pasts as actors (Chrishell starred in soaps for years and Christine has appeared in movies). But of course, it is L.A. so that’s hardly surprising.

But, yes, the show is semi-staged and scripted, to a degree (shocker). And it’s really no surprise, considering the show’s creator is Adam DiVello, the mastermind behind The Hills. 

Some events are real (Chrishell’s very public divorce), although occasionally the timelines are manipulated (the news about her divorce actually broke during the Burgers and Botox event, not when it was shown in the show). Another example? Mary and Romain actually married months before their Selling Sunset wedding. Some house showings and clients, however, are suspected to be entirely fabricated, according to anonymous intel.

As for all the petty drama? The arguments are, shall we say, ‘nudged’, in that direction, which Chrishell confirmed herself in an Instagram Story, writing: 

“They can sometimes nudge us to address things but what we say is all us. Beware anyone that says otherwise. Gotta own it.” 

7. Chrishell must be protected at all costs

Anyone else ugly crying over Chrishell’s divorce? Just us? Okay.

8. Romain, we might not always understand you, but you win Selling Sunset

The guy might semi-chew his words, but when he started spitting truths about Davina in the last few moments of season three, we felt that.

9. Christine’s wedding, though

Again, it wasn’t our style, but bless Christine for giving us the spectacle that was her gothic winter wonderland wedding. Between the black sparkly dress, the swans and the snow, we briefly forgot about the dumpster fire that is 2020.

10. Selling Sunset is the best thing to happen to 2020

Thank you, Selling Sunset. Thank you for giving us the fluffy, turn-your-brain-off TV we needed in this cruel year of chaos. We appreciate you. Now bring us season four, stat.

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