Virgo Season Is Here To Help You Get Your Life Together And Not A Moment Too Soon

Time to pick your crown up off the ground

To say we’re all feeling a bit ‘lost’ in 2020 would be the understatement of the century. Between a pandemic, political strife, natural disasters and our lives still adapting to a ‘new normal’, it’s safe to say many of us have felt a little, well, stuck.

Enter: Virgo Season 2020.

Spanning August 23 until September 22, Virgo and its respective season are here to somewhat dull Leo Season’s fires and bring you back down to earth, giving you a sense of clarity and groundedness as you try to move forward in your life, tricky as it may feel during this time.

Put simply? Think: Big Practical Energy, which might not sound fun, but is perhaps sorely needed. For a breakdown on exactly what it means for your zodiac sign (and which ones will be most affected), read on.

What is Virgo Season 2020 all about?

If Leo is the life of the party, Virgo is the designated driver (sorry!). Fire-ruled Leo and mutable, earth-ruled Virgo have nothing in common, and thus, neither do their seasons.

Hence, while Leo Season was all about feeling fierce and excited about finding direction in your life, Virgo Season is about getting logical, strategic and working hard to implement it.

“When the Sun is in Virgo, our thoughts tend to be more about work, our health, and being productive,” astrologer Leslie Hale told Bustle.

She also noted that it’s a time to “take charge of your life, and get your house in order for the coming change of season.”

In short? Basically, Virgo Season is about channelling your inner Beyoncé (who is arguably the ultimate Virgo), picking up your crown, putting it on, and making some executive decisions about what you want your life to look like.

How will Virgo Season 2020 affect your zodiac sign?

As we said before, Virgo Season’s energy is as strong as Leo’s but, as they say, it hits different. It’s here to make you put in the work that Leo, the often lazy lion, inspired you to start.

This could manifest in a number of ways, including wrapping up incomplete projects or goals, determining whether they are still worth your energy or time and generally doing a massive spring-clean out of your life, from fake friendships you’ve outgrown to your overflowing inbox and beyond.

It may give you the motivation to *actually* address your mid- or quarter life crisis, and take a practical, tangible approach to soul-searching.

Now, all of that aside, as with most things, Virgo Season does have a flip side. Known for being the perfectionist of the Zodiac, Virgo’s slightly pedantic tendencies might push you into overworking territory, and see you potentially become too critical of yourself during this time, if you’re not careful.

That said, it’s also vital to note that Mars, the planet of action, aggression and libido goes into retrograde for the first time in about two years this Virgo Season, starting on September 9.

As a result, you may find it hard to start new projects at this time, as you may be feeling a tad drained from all the cleaning/planning/soul searching/doing that came before it.

Thus, it’s important to take regular self-care breaks from all your projects, goals and plans to refill your cup, whether that’s enjoying an escapist book or getting some extra shut-eye.

All signs will feel the impact of Virgo Season, but Virgo (naturally) will feel it the most, as well as Gemini (who might overthink more than usual), Libra (who might find themselves uncharacteristically reclusive) and Aquarius (who might find themselves feeling the need to micromanage their relationships).

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