The Most Merry Ensembles To Don For Christmas In 2022 Whether It’s Rain, Hail Or Shine

Courtesy of your fashion-focused meteorologists.
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Sadly for us, the Bureau’s (R.I.P BoM) declaration of a third La Niña summer in the row is crushing our hopes and dreams for a hot girl summer. Or at the least a balmy girl Christmas.

Typically, the most guess work involved with the festive period is figuring out what to gift your loved ones.

However, this year, the increased chance rainfall and cooler-than-average daytime temperatures is certainly posing a potential problem when it comes to planning your festivities (or outfit).

So, to take the guesswork out of what La Niña will bring come Christmas Day, we’ve outlined below what you can expect from the weather, plus several chic outfit choices and merry ensembles to don on Christmas Day, come rain, hail or shine.

Christmas Day Weather 2022

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, we can expect a wet and soggy December, but does that mean it’s all grey skies and rain clouds come the 25th?

Thankfully, your favourite fashion focused pseudo meterorlogists (a.k.a us) have done the research for you. 

La Niña may increase “the chance of above average rainfall for northern and eastern Australia during spring and summer,” but there are some signs of sun (at least for a few of us). 

We’ve looked around the country on AccuWeather and rounded up what each major city can anticipate for Christmas.

For Sydneysiders, the week leading up to Christmas will be marked by a mix of hot days and thunder storms with tops of 25°C expected, before reaching 28°C towards the end of the month. Both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is expected to be partly cloudy with temperatures of 25°C, with a thunder storm and temperature of 27°C expected for Boxing Day. 

Considering the weather reached a high of 29°C on Christmas Day in 2021, this is definitely set to be a slightly cooler Decemeber. 

Down in Melbourne, the forecast certainly looks a lot brighter, but with high chance of showers. 

AccuWeather claims December 25 is set to be thunder storming with temperature sitting at  25°C. You really can’t win them all.

Hobart is expecting to be a lot cooler than the rest of Australia, with a high of 19°C estimated for Christmas Day. While there may be some low clouds, there is a low probability of precipitation followed by increasing cloud cover in the afternoon.

Over in Central Australia, Adelaide and Darwin can expect high temps on Christmas Day, with temperatures sitting at 30°C and 34°C respectively, with Adelaide encountering a couple of showers throughout the day.

While the weather may be mostly sunny and warm, don’t forget to stay protected from UV rays, even if you’re planning on staying inside.

On the West Coast, Perth can expect a full day of sunshine with tops of 28°C. We guess this is what they’re talking about when they say ‘west is best’.

In Brisbane, you can expect a day of sunshine with the temperature sitting at a lush 28°C.

We will caveat that these forecasts are subject to change and given the unpredictability of La Niña, we highly recommend keeping an eye on the weather in the lead up to the big day. Oh, and always have a wet weather contingency plan. Always.

While it won’t be the hot girl summer of our dreams, the weather will still allow for some yuletide festivities. In the (Christmas) spirit of ensuring we’re well prepped for the occasion, we’ve rounded up below fashion ideas and outfit inspiration that are La Niña approved.

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What To Wear On Christmas Day 2022?


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