Why Did Doja Cat Wear A Towel To The Met Gala?

The star is known for her controversial looks.
Why did Doja Cat wear a towel to the Met Gala.Getty

Doja Cat is known for her more controversial Met Gala looks. After going for a feline fit at last year’s event, this year, the American rapper has decided to forego the dress and opt for a tiny towel.

Doja Cat wears a towel to the Met Gala.
(Credit: Getty)

So, why did Doja Cat wear a towel to this year’s Met Gala? Keep reading below.

Why Did Doja Cat Wear A Towel To The Met Gala?

While Doja Cat hasn’t released an official statement about her look, the ‘straight out of the shower’ energy seems to be a quite literal take on the Met Gala theme—Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.

With a white towel wrapped around her body and one wrapped around her head, Doja Cat’s sparkling eye makeup is completed with long streaks of mascara down her cheeks, as if she has jumped out of the shower.

In other words, a beauty who overslept.

Doja Cat arrives at the Met Gala in a towel.
Doja Cat and Beka Gvishiani at The Mark Hotel before the 2024 Met Gala. (Credit: Getty )

Doja Cat’s wild take on the Met Gala theme actually began before the gala even started.

Heading to New York City’s Cartier store, the singer wore a bed sheet wrapped around her body—essentially just rolling out of bed.

She then continued the string of interesting looks by donning a plastic black and naked looking body suit in New York, reminiscent of Ye (Kanye West) and Bianca Censori’s wild outfits.

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