The ‘Eight-Point Rule’ Is Still TikTok’s Best Hack For Better Style

The fashion formula will elevate your looks with zero cost.
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Photographed by Glen Michael Edwards

If you’re looking for fashion hacks, TikTok is full of them. Arguably, too full, in fact.

Amid the barrage of advice, inspiration, tips and tricks that populate the app, it can be hard to decipher which are actually helpful—and can be applied to your own wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Fortunately, you need not spend hours scrolling hashtags because this writer (marie claire Australia’s resident FashionTok obsessive) has already found the app’s singular best hack. What’s more, it is completely free.

Dubbed the “eight-point rule” or “eight-point system,” the tip is essentially a formula that can be applied when building outfits.

While the system has been floating around the web for a couple of years now, its recent popularity is largely attributed to stylist Marissa Fair, who uploaded a TikTok about it in 2023. Fair told followers that she “will never get dressed without this trick,” and we really can’t blame her.

Photographed by Glen Michael Edwards

What Is The Eight-Point Fashion Rule?

Fair describes the eight-point system as a “counting method that determines whether your outfit is overwhelming, underwhelming or right on the money”.

Essentially, each garment, shoe and accessory is attributed a point value. Accessories—including a hat, visible sock, belt and sunglasses—will generally count for one point each. Basics or neutral, plain-coloured items like denim jeans or block-coloured slacks, T-shirts and singlets, are also allocated one point each. Dresses count for two points, as do patterned pieces and long or statement coats.


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You should aim to create an outfit that totals six to eight points. Fair explains that this will ensure your ensemble is interesting, without being over the top.

Does The Eight-Point Style System Work?

Yes, the eight-point system is a great way to elevate your outfits because it ensures your look is neither overwhelming nor underwhelming.

While Fair is often credited with bringing the tip to TikTok, her video was actually preceded by a handful of other creators—and even more have made videos about it since. The beauty of this scope is that it demonstrates the system’s versatility. Across countless uploads by different TikTokers, we can see the eight-point rule applied to a variety of fashion aesthetics. Whether you swear by basics or love prints, you can adapt it to suit your personal style.

Photographed by Glen Michael Edwards

It is important to note that fashion is totally subjective, so if you want to dress to 16 points—go for it! However, for those seeking a cheap and simple way to up their everyday style game, this is arguably one of the best hacks out there.

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