Emma D’Arcy’s Quiet Domination Of The Fashion World Is Nothing Short Of Noteworthy

The actor has left a lasting impression.

An actor’s ability to dominate the fashion world isn’t always a given. If not for the right stylist, a keen eye and an unwavering sense of self, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of the red carpets and flashing cameras.

For Emma D’Arcy, however, that hasn’t been the case. 

After making an immediate name for themselves as the blonde-haired, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in the Game Of Thrones prequel, House Of The Dragon, it wasn’t long before a global fascination took hold. Of course, with a certain level of fame comes a certain expectation to be publicly accessible, which is a new reality D’Arcy admits they aren’t always comfortable with. 

“The red carpet especially is a very unnatural environment,” they told W Magazine. “It’s not normal to have that much attention focused on you—and it’s a lot of cameras if you’re camera-shy.”

It makes sense then that their stylist, Rose Forde, later told Vogue that D’Arcy enjoys playing with costuming, leaning into high-drama, performative looks (which once included clown makeup). 

“Emma likes to play with the idea of costume and the performative element of clothes and we tend to lean towards having either high drama or finding a character to explore in a look.”

They say what you lack in experience, you make up in enthusiasm and it’s clear from D’Arcy’s sartorial prowess that her eager fashion sensibility is making them one to watch. 

Below, Emma D’Arcy’s best fashion moments so far (with many more expected to follow). 


Arriving at the Haider Ackermann + FILA show in November 2022, Manchester. 

Sitting front row for the show, D’Arcy arrived in a white sweatshirt, satin track pants and Asics sneakers (Awake x Gel Preleus to be exact). 


Emma D’Arcy attends the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2022 in London, after being nominated. 

Fiery red hair was the perfect compliment to an all-leather ensemble on the red carpet, where the Matrix aesthetic met biker chic, courtesy of Alexander McQueen. A pair of metal-capped, black boots peeped out underneath their wide-leg leather pants, with antique silver jewellery and a belt tying everything together. 


Attending a performance of Cabaret At The Kit Kat Klub in October 2022, London. 

Serving a major lesson in chic comfortability, the actor sported an oversized denim shirt, grey oversized chinos once again, their trusted Asics sneakers. 


Appearing on the red carpet for the London premiere of House Of The Dragon in August 2022, London. 

Donning a custom look from Acne Studio’s Spring ’23 Collection, a gold lurex vest was likened to “armour” by D’Arcy when they spoke to W Magazine about the meaning behind the ensemble. 

Drawn in by the brand’s “playful theatricality,” the vest possessed the ability to look like chainmail from a distance, but up close displayed softer, tinsel-like qualities that added an entirely new level of dimension. Underneath, an oversized white shirt hung loosely, while a pair of black vinyl pants from Acne Studio’s Spring ’23 Menswear collection were more fitted. A pair of patent, dark blue Roker ‘Lea‘ platform heels and beaded Acne Studios gloves offered an added layer of edginess, while pearl jewellery handmade in Tokyo offered a softer element. 


Appearing on the red carpet for the House Of The Dragon premiere in July 2022, Los Angeles. 

This all-black, oversized ensemble came courtesy of Vetements, paired with Balenciaga platform Crocs in stark white. 

“I wanted the clothes to feel like full armour, so that’s what we did,” the actor told GQ. “The Vetements look was boiling, but there’s something about all that fabric felt like a barrier.”


Appearing on the red carpet at the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, 2023

The Golden Globes red carpet has always been a hallowed ground reserved for some of the most memorable fashion moments in history, however for their Golden Globe debut Emma D’Arcy certainly proved her status as a bourgeoning style savant. Wearing head-to-toe Acne Studios, Emma’s ensemble is so jaw dropping that we can’t decided what we’re most obsessed with. The pinky ring? The grandiose boutonniere? The matching purple gloves and hair? Perhaps the subtle Euphoria style glitter tear takes the cake. Either way, we’re obsessed. 

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