And Just Like That, You Can Get Your Hands On Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic Fendi Baguette

“Oh, this isn’t a bag, it’s a baguette.”

There are a few things about life that we know to be true: we’ll never stop lusting over Carrie Bradshaw’s impeccable style, and that the Fendi Baguette was the best supporting character on Sex And The City.

Thanks to And Just Like That, a new generation is being inducted into the SATC wardrobe fanclub, with the reboot reviving some of the original’s most iconic pieces.

And while, yes, we’ve spent years coveting Carrie’s impressive Manolo Blahnik collection, the one item that has lived in our heads rent free since 2003 is her violet sequin Fendi Baguette.

(Credit: Source: Getty)

We’ve already seen Carrie resurrect the look once in And Just Like That, delivering the legendary line “oh, this is not a bag, it’s a baguette.”

However, eagle-eyed fans spotted a second baguette cameo, an oh-so-perfect sequinned version that set our hearts alight.

And just when we were ready to sanctify our jacquard versions with a little DIY, Fendi announced it was releasing a limited edition version. Our years? Made.

Fendi collaborated with none other than Sarah Jessica Parker herself for the bag, nearly 18 years after SJP cemented the baguette in the pop-culture hall of fame.

(Credit: Courtesy of ‘And Just Like That’)

According to Fendi, the millennial version is “inspired by the original version of the Fendi FW 1999/2000 Collection” and features fuschia sequins and leather strap.

The bag is set to be released just in time for Valentine’s Day and makes the perfect gift for the greatest lover in your life: you.

With this style sure to be a sell out, we know we’ll be spotting the pink baguette for years to come.

It’s Fendi, not trendy.

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