The Gold Signet Has Become The Cornerstone Of Our Carefully Curated Ring Stacks

Call it the quiet luxury effect.
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If the term signet ring incites flashbacks to your school days wearing the classic two-heart ring complete with a coloured gem stone, you’re not alone.

A rite of passage if you will, the signet ring has been around for centuries and was traditionally worn as a symbol of status and lineage.

While the stigma attached to the signet ring hasn’t been completely dispelled, the fashion set has taken the style in recent years and transformed it into a must-have jewellery piece.

With the recent rise of quiet luxury and stealth wealth trends, it’s somewhat unsurprising to see a ring that once symbolised that very status making a comeback. Modern styles however, have ditched the sentimentality for a purely aesthetic value.

Ideal for stacking and following on from the chunky, maximalism trend, signet rings can easily become a statement piece of simply part of a glamorously curated collection.

Long gone are the days of the iconic double-heart ring, too. Beloved staple jewellery brands like Mejuri and Sarah & Sebastian are taking the signet ring and giving it a much-needed glow up, putting their own elevated twists on the classic.

If you’re looking to add a gold signet ring to your collection, scroll on for our top picks.

The Best Gold Signet Rings 


Honey Mini Signet, $88 at Mejuri

Crafted to be worn on the pinky (is there a more traditional way to sport your signet?) Mejuri’s take on the style perfectly balances fun and chic.


Yvonne Léon Gold Mini Heart Ring, $960 at SSENSE

If you’re wanting to embody that traditional ring from your childhood this updated style from Yvonne Léon is your perfect match.


Kismet Diamond Signet, $695 at Sarah & Sebastian

Designed in homage to fate and destiny this delicate signet ring features a stunning star pattern set with diamonds.


Retrouvaí Talisman 14-Karat Gold Signet Ring, $5,556 at Net-A-Porter

A statement and sentimental momento, this fun ring is perfect for gifting your fashion-forward love one.  


Yin Signet Ring, $85 at Arms Of Eve

An edgy take on the signet, this ring is symbolic of Yin, the female principles of the universe, from the ancient philosophy of Yin and Yang.

signet ring

Signature Ring, $160 at Monica Vinader

Crafted from recycled silver and gold and responsibly manufactured, this modern design from Monica Vinader is part of the brand’s signature collection.


Shay Zodiac 18-Karat Ring, $3,222 at Net-A-Porter

Forget initials, we want our personalisation in the form of diamond encrusted zodiac signs.


Sora Solid Gold Signet Ring, $239 at S-kin Studio

This simple yet sophisticated style is an empty slate for you to engrave your own meaning to.

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