The Heliot Emil Show Featured An Outfit That Was Literally Burning On The Model

Somebody call the fire brigade because it’s getting hot in here.

Heliot Emil’s Autumn/Winter 23 show at Paris Fashion Week went up in flames. Ok, not literally, but a model was spotted walking down the runway in a black parka suit that was actually burning (in a controlled manner, but still).

It was like a really grungy, apocalyptic army uniform version of Katniss Everdeen’s fire suit in the Hunger Games. Some said it was also reminiscent of rapper Kanye West setting himself up in flames at the Donda album listening party.

Of course, sending live models down runways ablaze is a dangerous game, but the effect didn’t seem to have an impact on the person walking, so we can only assume it was done with every effort for OH&S accounted for.

The front row was filled with style savants but also dotted with support staff primed with fire extinguishers should anything go haywire. Nothing like a good insurance policy, right?

The brand made a statement at Paris Fashion Week. (Credit: Image: Getty)

The brand is relatively new to the luxury market, debuting their first collection during the Spring/Summer 2017 season. It was started by two Copenhagen-based brothers, Julius and Victor Juul, and the brand was named after their grandfather.

The collections are always unisex and monochromatic, keeping to that honest-yet-elevated Scandinavian heritage.

The fire-breathing parka suit was a big ‘wow’ moment at the show for the celebrity style set in attendance, including Sk8er Boi singer Avril Lavigne and American rapper Tyga. The black parka jacket, loose black pants and chunky shoes was paired with a small, boxy black bag and cap.

The look was part of the brand’s ‘Connected Forms’ fashion show, held in a slightly dilapidated concrete hall.

While the look  had an unhinged element of chaos to it, it also became one of those Coperni spray-on dress fashion week stunts that can’t help but grab your attention. The wildness of this concept only leads us to ask two more questions—firstly, is this some kind of comment on climate change (if so, scary) and finally, if we’re sending burning people down runways, what on earth is next?

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