The 7 Jacket Styles Every Woman Needs In Their Wardrobe

Outerwear staples made easy

It’s easy to get a little carried away with shopping. Temperatures tend to rise and fall suddenly and we rush to stock up on chunky sweaters and tank tops like we’re supposed to, right?

But the reality of Australian weather is that a lot of the items we scramble for don’t quite get the mileage we hope for. And while that luxe cashmere coat that you dropped a pretty penny on got you through some of the colder days in winter, the unpredictable weather means that throughout the year we tend to more frequently lean on the coat’s much more versatile cousin—the jacket. 

So, for the wardrobe staples that will take you seamlessly from season to season, look no further than these seven jacket styles that are fit for all occasions and always worth the spend. 

The Bomber Jacket

alexa chung bomber jacket

There is something just inexplicably cool about a bomber jacket.

Whether it’s oversized or shrunken and cropped, they’re always packed with warmth and their low maintenance fabrics make them great for travelling.

IRO bomber jacket
IRO Anja Rubik Gabor Bomber Jacket, $218;
aztech mountain bomber jacket
Aztech Mountain Silver Queen Reversible Bomber Jacket, $252;

The Blazer

blazer jackets to invest in

The true hallmark of adulthood is finding the perfect blazer that takes you from brunch to dinner and work to date night.

While black is always classic, we’re loving neutral tones and grey styles right now.

anna quan blazer
Anna Quan Sienna Jacket, $695;
christopher esber boy scout blazer
Christopher Esber Boy Scout Blazer, $890;

The Denim Jacket

denim jacket to invest in gala gonzalez

These are the jackets that always have a story.

Whether it was your mum’s in the ’80s, the jacket you took backpacking or even the one you splurged an entire paycheck on, there’s something special about a denim jacket.

j brand denim jacket
J Brand Isla Denim Jacket, $218;
uniqlo denim jacket
Uniqlo J.W. Anderson Trucker Jacket, $59.90;

The Athleisure Jacket

vanessa hong jacket

Athleisure may have first hit the scene as a trend but anything this comfortable and functional was destined to become a staple.

The best part about these jacket styles is that they almost exclusively exist in fun colours and we’re not complaining.

the upside athleisure jacket
The Upside Sunrise Bella Jacket, $94.50;
hansen and gretel jacket
Hansen & Gretel Jilla Puffer Jacket, $289;

The Tweed Jacket

tweed jacket street style

Can anything make an outfit look instantly as expensive as a tweed jacket?

While there are plenty of affordable options on the market these days, a Chanel tweed jacket will always be the ultimate investment purchase.

isabel marant jacket
Isabel Marant Lyra Wool-Blend Tweed Jacket, $459;
sandro paris jacket
Sandro Paris Checked Tweed Jacket, $640;

The Shacket

kendall jenenr jacket shacket

A bit of a ‘new kid on the block’ classic. The shacket (the portmanteau of ‘shirt’ and ‘jacket,’ of course), is a lighter style that is perfect for those in-between confusing weather days.

matin shirt jacket
Matin Pocket Jacket, $260;
everlane the chore jacket
Everlane The Chore Jacket, $72;

The Leather Jacket

lucy williams leather blazer jacket

Trends may come and go but there is always room for a leather jacket in our wardrobes.

No matter the time, there is usually some version of the leather jacket that the fashion crowd are swinging towards and right now it’s the ’90s style leather blazer.

arket leather blazer
Arket Oversized Leather Blazer, $650 AUD Approx;
stan studio leather blazer
Stand Studio Emerina Faux Leather Blazer, $512;

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