6 Things Kate Middleton (Almost) Never Wears In Public

Including a particular colour
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Kate Middleton is undeniably one of the most stylish women in the public eye.

And considering the numerous duties she has to uphold and ‘royal fashion rules’ she has to follow as the Princess of Wales (including never taking her coat off in public), it’s unsurprising that, despite having what is no doubt an expansive wardrobe, there are a few fashion items that Kate rarely sports.

Of course, much of it may come down to her own personal preference, but over the years we couldn’t help but notice that there are a number of pieces the royal tends to avoid, a few of which are classic style staples.

From the one colour royals tend to shun, to the popular summer shoe she’s never been spotted in, scroll on for the six things you’ll almost never see Kate Middleton wear.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton in tangerine. (Credit: Getty)

1. Orange

The rationale for why the royals steer clear of orange isn’t exactly set in stone, however the main theory is that it doesn’t photograph well (although the late Queen Elizabeth was spotted in the hue). That said, orange-adjacent hues such as peach and coral (as pictured above) have always been on the table.

Kate Middleton in blue jeans.
Blue jeans are a staple for many of us, but not Kate Middleton. (Credit: Getty)

2. Blue Jeans

While black and grey jeans often appear in Kate’s casual trousseau, the traditional blue variety rarely make an appearance.

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Kate Middleton wearing high heeled sandals.
Florals? For Spring? (Credit: Getty)

3. Sandals

Although there’s no ‘royal rule’ against wearing sandals (when Meghan Markle was a senior royal, she often wore them), Kate has only ever been seen wearing heeled sandals a few times, and has never been photographed in flat sandals. 

Kate Middleton in a green sequined dress in Pakistan.
All that glitters. (Credit: Getty)

4. Sequins

When it comes to formal nighttime occasions, the Princess typically opts for matte fabrics, usually shunning shimmering sequins and beaded embellishment. She has only worn head-to-toe sequins on a mere handful of occasions during her decade of public life. In recent years, however, she’s been known to pull out a sparkling number or two.

Kate Middleton in shorts.
Runner’s high? (Credit: Getty)
Kate gives a lesson in how to style Bermuda shorts. (Credit: Getty)

5. Shorts

At the King’s Cup sailing championship in 2019, Kate surprised spectators by stepping out in a pair of shorts (which were totally appropriate for the event).

In July 2022, the Princess of Wales stepped out once again for the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix wearing another pair of crisp white tailored shorts by designer Holland Cooper. She stayed on-theme as ever by wearing a nautical navy and white striped jumper. 

Aside from these two rare instances, there was only one other time when Kate wore shorts, and that was before her wedding to Prince William.

Kate Middleton
You’ll almost never see Kate Middleton in this particular neckline. (Credit: Getty)

6. Off-shoulder Necklines

Considering this cut makes shaking hands somewhat difficult, it seems plausible that the Princess might eschew off-shoulder necklines for practicality purposes, having only worn four such designs publicly in 10 years.

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