Louis Vuitton Has Delved Into The Unique World Of NFTs With A New Video Game

Celebrating 200 years.

Louis Vuitton has blended its iconic, rich history with the present by launching a unique video game embedded with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

To celebrate the founder’s 200th birthday on August 4, LV has taken another step closer in blending fashion with technology with the launch of Louis: The Game. In the adventure-style game, the player goes on a virtual journey seeped in the brand’s iconic aesthetic. Main character and House Mascot Vivienne travels across the world in the hopes of collection 200 candles. Each will reveal a story about the history of Louis Vuitton. 

(Credit: Louis Vuitton)

The brand’s NFT launch follows staggering success globally for the one-of-a-kind blockchain collectables. Some have sold for millions at art auctions, others have spawned the creation of virtual universes with worldwide followings.

For Louis’ take on the non-fungible tokens, you can guarantee a legion of tech-savvy fans are ready and waiting to collect them all—the game itself is marketed for people of all ages with advanced animation taking the user through six imaginary worlds that exist outside of time. 

In total, the game includes 30 NFTs, 10 of which were created by famous digital artist Beeple. 

The game will be available for download via Android and iOS devices.

To add to its birthday celebrations, Louis Vuitton engaged 200 visionaries to create window artworks to feature in selected stores across the world. The premise is simple, yet significant: Visionaries were given a trunk with a blank canvas to create an artwork to be digitised and converted for display on lcd screens and printed onto damier cubes. 

Utilising some of our local talent, several Australians were picked for the pool of 200, including Tracey Deep, Adam & Arthur, Wayne Stubbs and Ozzy Wright. You’ll see the designs in select Louis Vuitton store windows here in Australia from August 21. 

“We have never done windows like this before,” explained Louis Vuitton’s Visual Image Director. 

“There’s an exceptional energy that emanates from [the visionaries]—this constant flow of creativity. People will really sense the feeling of celebration.”  

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