Watching The Matildas In The FIFA Women’s World Cup? Here’s 9 Pieces Of Merch To Buy

The Women's FIFA World Cup is here.
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The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is here!

As any sports fan knows, getting dressed up in your team’s colours and merch is one of the best parts of attending a game and the success of the Matildas in this year’s tournament has encouraged more and more Australians to don the green and gold. 

Nike has revealed an unprecedented demand for the jersey, with 13 times as many sold to date in Australia than were sold during and after the 2019 tournament. This means that more Matildas jerseys have sold in the past three months than any previous tournament. 

Nike Pacific Vice President and General Manager Ashley Reade said the figures were a testament to the impact of the Matildas and power of women’s sport. 

“This year’s tournament is a generational moment for sport and culture, and never has this been more strongly reflected than the past week. To see Australians of all ages rally around the Matildas is a catalysing time for women’s sport and these unprecedented jersey sales only cement their status as national icons,” she said.

“They continue to inspire us all with their captivating performances and genuine love for each other, their fellow athletes and the beautiful game.”    

Given the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is being held locally, fans may want a keepsake of the game being so widely celebrated in Australia. 

So while Australia’s team, The Matildas, gears up for their battle, we have officially started getting all of our merch together. Whether you’re after that beanie to keep you warm on the colder nights at the stadium, a water bottle to bring the world cup fever to work or the perfect t-shirt to wear during your own soccer practice, there’s merch for almost every type of fan. 

Below, we share all the best green and gold Matildas merch that we’re wearing to the upcoming games. 

the matildas
The FIFA Women’s World Cup is coming to Australia and New Zealand.

The Best Matilda’s Merch To Wear To The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 

Matilda's Merch top

Nike Australia 2023 Womens Stadium Home Dri-FIT Football Jersey Gold, $114.99 from Rebel Sports


Nike Australia 2023 Stadium Away Dri-FIT Football Jersey Green L, $114.99 from Rebel Sports


Nike Australia Womens Travel Short-Sleeve Football Tee, $59.99 at Rebel Sport

Matildas Water bottle

Australia Matilda’s Flip Lip Drink Bottle, $19.99 at Rebel Sport.


Australian Matildas 2023 Football Beanie, $29.99 Rebel Sport

I Told You So tee

Matildas Moments Tee, $40.00 at Football Australia.


Matildas Oversized Hoodie online at Football Australia


Australia Matildas 2023 Football Scarf, $29.99 at Rebel Sport.


Nike Australia Womens AWF Football Jacket, $129.00 from Rebel Sport

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