The Revealing Reason Meghan Markle Keeps Wearing Black To Royal Events

Her pastel pink days are over

If her royal wardrobe is any indication, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is the kind of woman who goes through phases. Pre-wedding, she delighted royal onlookers the world over with a string of emerald-green outfits – the only colour she wore in public for weeks – then she took a turn for pastel pink.

Her latest style obsession is one the fashion pack emphatically approves of: black. From the velvet Givenchy dress she chose for her first solo royal engagement last week to the black cigarette pants she wore (admittedly with a navy Oscar de la Renta peplum top) to – ahem – play netball, to the black dress she chose to launch the ‘Together’ cookbook, the Duchess appears to have adopted a new signature hue.

meghan markle black givenchy dress
meghan markle outfits
meghan markle cookbook launch

Colour psychologist Karen Haller has speculated on the reasoning behind Ms Markle’s new penchant, telling The Sun, “Black is her way to deflect attention off herself and onto the causes she is supporting – putting them in the spotlight.”

Sorry Megs, but no matter what colour you wear, there’s little chance of that.

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