Why You Should Look To Scandinavian Design For Your Style Inspiration

From home decor to fashion, the Nordics know how to do it

For years as the Australian weather began to chill, we’d look to the women of New York, Milan and Paris for our winter fashion inspiration. But take a minute to turn your attention to Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, who can provide the most epic style inspiration that brings even the most fashionable of women to a halt. And, let’s all be honest – Nordic girls know how to dress for winter. 

It’s not just our fashion choices that Swedish style is inspiring. From mid-century interior design to Scandinavian interiors and down-to-earth concepts like “hygge” (cosiness) and “lagom” (moderation) in our home decor, our obsession with all things Scandi shows no sign of subsiding. Seriously? Who hasn’t googled “How To Scandi My Living Room?” at least once and spent hours drooling over the designs of Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen. Top tip: Stick to white walls and clean lines, or anything from IKEA really. 

When it comes to creating the perfect Scandi style, it’s about finding the right colour palette. Neutral colour and tones are always best when it comes to picking pieces that will stand the test of time – both in fashion and Scandinavian decor. 

Here’s how to create the perfect capsule wardrobe based on Scandi style. Plus, continue reading on for how to reinvent your home based on key Scandi design elements. 

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Key Tips For A Scandinavian Style Wardrobe:

Invest In A Statement Coat

If there’s one thing Nordic countries have taught us, its that a statement coat goes a long way. 

Pick Key Knits To Layer With 

The Scandinavian style is all about layering, so sticking to knits that can be layered both on top of and under key pieces is a must when building a Scandi capsule. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Rain Boots

A pair of Wellies can also be your go-to outfit update, as taught by Scandi women. Add a pair of gumboots to your winter dress and coat for a stylish winter look that also does its job. 

Go Bold 

Scandi style isn’t afraid to stand out, so neither should you. Scandinavian brands like Cecilie Copenhagen and GANNI have built cult followings thanks to their signature bold prints, and their pieces are the epitome of Scandi style. 

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Key Tips For Scandinavian Style Interiors:

Lighting Is Everything

With as little as seven daylight hours in winter months, the way lighting is used in design style is paramount to typical Scandinavian interior design. Natural light is often accentuated as much as possible, while light fixtures are placed to strategically add mood. 

Form And Function

The best way to add a Scandi flare to your home? Clean lines. Sofas, tables, and chairs embrace mid-century modern tendencies with smooth rounded edges and natural hues. Scandinavian style homes also pride themselves on innovative and functional design. Storage is also wisely implemented to create a “less is more” feel to homes. 

Neutral Colours

Whites, greys, blacks and browns are often interwoven creating a clean and calming look. Designers have also introduced other pop colours like dusty pinks and rich sea greens for added accents. Wood floors, preferably natural wood, are a distinct feature and often kept in the neutral colour palette. Walls are often kept white, allowing for furniture and art to be the focus. 

Warm Textiles

It’s not surprising that Nordic interiors are characterised by warm textures and natural materials like sheepskins, wool or mohair throws. Not only do they provide a feeling of warmth and cosiness, but they also add another layer of texture to space. Finnish architect Alvar Aalto’s famous tank armchair is the perfect example of Nordic design and is often reimagined in modern interiors. 

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