Sir’s Co-Founder Designed Her Own Bridesmaid Gowns — Here’s Where You Can Buy Them

Each of the seven gowns was inspired by the woman who wore it.

When Sir co-founder and creative director Sophie Coote was planning her 2022 wedding, she knew exactly what she wanted for her bridesmaids: dresses that celebrated each of the women she’d chosen to stand beside her. So, the Australian fashion brand founder created the dresses herself.

“My bridesmaids have been part of the Sir journey in some way, each has worn Sir over the years so I wanted to honour their connection to our journey by creating something in collaboration with our design studio,” Coote tells marie claire Australia. “I looked to Sir silhouettes from the past, adapting them to each bridesmaid’s personal style, redefining silhouettes to flatter their individual body shapes and compliment their complexion.”

Now, seven of the gowns are available to buy, making Sir a destination for brides looking to bring a touch of Australian fashion to their wedding day.

“Designing the bridesmaids’ dresses was one of my favourite projects to date,” Coote continued. “It was a no-brainer to expand our occasionwear offering, bringing something so close to my heart to the women in our Sir community.”

The seven-piece collection includes a sculptural mandarin gown complete with oversized bow, a hot orange dress with off-the-shoulder detailing and a train, and more paired back dresses in soft pink, vivid green, bright blue, lemon yellow, and a warm brown.

sarah coote wedding
Sophie Coote’s wedding dress was designed by Ahmed Alkhyeli of Khyeli, but her bridesmaid dresses were her own label. (Credit: Supplied.)

“We worked on it for for about a year, dreaming up concepts and working meticulously with the design studio to perfect each gown,” Coote reveals, with each bridesmade wearing a unique design. The group of women was made up of her “nearest and dearest”, she says.

“Each has played a role in making me the woman I am today.” In a nod to her bridesmaides, Coote named each dress after the woman who wore it: Caris, Rebecca, Nikki, Freddie, Victoria, Kelsey, and Yan Yan. 

As for the wedding day itself, at the Esther Gardens estate in Margaret River, Coote said it was pure “magic” to have the women standing by her side as she married her now-husband, Daniel Fraser. “There is nothing quite like coming together in ceremony with everyone you love.”

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Victoria Gown, $1,200, from SIR


Kelsey Gown, $1,200, from SIR


Caris Gown, $850, from SIR


Freddie Gown, $850, from SIR


Nikki Gown, $850, from SIR


Yan Yan Gown, $750, from SIR

sir green dress

Rebecca Gown, $850, from SIR

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