The 8 Craziest Fashion Week Trends To Ever Hit The Runway

As Regina George would say, "stop trying to make crocs happen."
Woman carrying bag with logo that appears to McDonalds inspired

Fashion designers are constantly pushing boundaries with their collections, some of which hit the mark (dad sneakers) and others which totally, utterly and completely miss it (embellished Crocs). 

And while Crocs are have a renaissance (along with cargo pants, red and metallic fabrics), there are some trends we’d put our money on not going the sartorial washing machine and coming out slightly tweaked 10 years later. 

So, we’re taking a look back at some of the strangest looks to ever hit the runway. 

1. Embellished crocs

embellished crocs

First debuted at Christopher Kane’s London Fashion Week show in 2016, Balenciaga then gave crocs another go – this time in a platform version – at its 2017 Paris Fashion Week show. While Crocs may be having a renaissance, the embellishments can stay back in 2016.

2. Dressing as a Christmas tree

christmas tree
Leanne Marshall

I’m a festive person and even I wouldn’t wear this Leanne Marshall ensemble. Unless it was to a staff Christmas party where there was a prize for best dressed.

3. Dressing like a lampshade


Haven’t you heard, frills are in? Just not like this. 

4. Fast food fashion 

fast food fasion

There’s a limit to the logomania trend and this is it. 

5. Carrying around a replica of your own head


Don’t try this at home (or anywhere else), folks. 

6. Dressing with an animal head attached to your bodice

Fenty x Puma (Credit: Getty)

If it looks like an exact model of a lion, it should be nowhere near your body.

7. Dressing as a rubbish bin


Yep, that happened. 

8. Bridezilla 


This is just in no way comfortable or practical, even if you were getting married.

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