The Ultimate Guide To A Stress-Free Wedding Season

Summer is fast approaching, wedding bells are ringing, and we couldn’t be more excited.
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There’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing your closest friends or family tie the knot. From the intimate ceremony to the packed dance floor, weddings give us the chance to celebrate love in all its forms. 

Yet wedding season comes with its challenges, too (especially if you’re a bridesmaid). As a guest, you’re expected to positively contribute to the loved-up couple’s special day by glamming up and bringing gifts, a great attitude, and your dance moves to the party.

Below, we’ve put together the ultimate, fuss-free wedding guest guide so you can focus all your energy on the newlyweds.  

Make Travel Plans In Advance

When you receive a wedding invitation, RSVP as soon as possible to give the couple time to make the necessary arrangements. Next steps? Arrange accommodation and transport to and from the wedding—whether it’s out of town or at your local chapel—to avoid any last-minute stress. 

To ensure you’re punctual and don’t steal the bride’s entrance, book an Uber in advance with  Uber Reserve. You can choose a pick-up time to suit your schedule between 90 days and 30 minutes in advance. Plus, the driver will wait up to 15 minutes (depending on which ride you’ve selected) just in case you have any eleventh-hour dress emergencies—we’ve all been there!      

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Respect The Dress Code

From cocktail to black tie, smart casual, or colour schemes, wedding guest attire can set the tone of the event, create a cohesive look, or honour certain customs in a traditional cultural wedding.

Respecting the couple’s sartorial guidelines is a simple, yet meaningful gesture to show them you care about their big day just as much as they do. If you don’t already own a suitable gown, find a timeless piece you’ll wear again or hire a designer dress online to cut costs and save wardrobe space.

Bring A Thoughtful Gift

Follow the bride and groom’s gift preferences to help make their shared dreams come true, whether that’s creating a beautiful home with chic homewares or saving money for a romantic honeymoon via a wishing well. 

If it’s a physical present, send it to their home prior to the wedding day. The last thing they need is to fret about transporting a tower of presents when all they want to do is celebrate.

As for a cash gift, tuck the notes into a handwritten card that expresses your best wishes. It’s a sweet keepsake they can treasure long after their special day is over. 

Pack The Essentials  

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Make sure you bring everything you might possibly need to keep your spirits high and your outfit picture-perfect. Look for travel-size products that can easily fit into your clutch, from lipsticks and mini mascaras for touch-ups to band-aids for those inevitable blisters.

Tiny bags are far more elegant and wedding-appropriate than tote bags. So, bonus points if you can squeeze foldable ballet flats into your purse to keep you dancing by the bride’s side all night long. 

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