The Iconic Has Responded To Multiple Reports Of Fraudulent Activity

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Online retailer The Iconic has responded to reports that several customers have fallen victim to account fraud.

Last week, it was reported that The Iconic was one of two companies to experience a cyber attack, resulting in some customers’ accounts being compromised.

According to the ABC, as part of the breach, several customers had experienced fraudulent transactions against their accounts, with one person alleging that a hacker charged $1500 to their card at the online store, and another claiming that their card had been used for a $703.95 purchase. Other customers who didn’t experience fraudulent purchases reported fraudulent login attempts against their accounts.

Now, The Iconic have responded, taking to Instagram to apologise to frustrated customers, and provide an update on its investigation.

“We are aware that there has been unauthorised access to a number of customer accounts, although this is not as a result of a breach of any of The Iconic’s internal systems,” the post read.

“These unauthorised third party login attempts used a technique known as ‘credential stuffing’ where the unauthorised third party used login credentials sourced through data breaches that are unrelated to The Iconic.”

As well as detailing ways in which customers can protect their accounts from further fraudulent activity, the online behemoth apologised for delays in customer service, writing, “This is far from the experience we want to provide you, and our teams are working as fast as possible to ensure that affected customers receive an urgent and timely response.”

“You, our customers, mean the world to us and we are committed to earning back your confidence. We are truly sorry that this has happened to you.

“We appreciate your ongoing patience and will continue to provide affected customers with updates through this ongoing investigation.”

Some customers appeared to be satisfied with The Iconic’s response, with one user commenting, “I appreciate this is not the fault of The Iconic… I hope your customer teams are doing ok with the extra volume.”

Others, however, were less than impressed, with several users expressing frustration at not being able to change the password to their account. 

“I would love to change my password but your app makes it impossible to do so. Please provide guidance on where to find the password manager,” one person wrote.

Another chimed in, “Tried to change my password and won’t let me.”

One thing’s for sure, we hope this breach gets sorted and we can resume *adding to cart* before too much longer.  

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