3 Trinny Woodall Style Tips Every Woman Needs To Hear

Style advice from the fairy godmother of fashion herself.

When it comes to style, Trinny Woodall is a master. 

As one half of the former makeover duo Trinny and Susannah, she spent the early noughties styling thousands of women on BBC’s What Not To Wear, and dishing out fashion advice to countless others through her books, TV show appearances and in-person styling sessions. 

While these days, Trinny’s fashion advice might be a little gentler than it was in the 2000s, it’s just as influential—as her more than 1.2 million Instagram followers would agree. 

For this reason, we were eager to find out what fashion advice Trinny has for women in 2023. 

Trinny Woodall
Trinny Woodall has three big fashion tips for women. (Credit: Getty)

Stop Being A Slave To Fashion Trends 

We all know how tempting it is to give into the latest fashion trends—who can blame us when the fast fashion industry is so good at always making us feel out of style? 

However, Trinny emphasises the importance of finding pieces that truly suit your body—even if they aren’t what all the influencers are wearing. 

“I love if there’s a colour of the season or a shape of jeans and it happens to suit me,” Trinny tells marie claire Australia. “but I think if we follow fashion, regardless of whatever our body shape is, then we might [end up with something] that is not the best shape for us.” 

Trinny has this problem with ballet flats which, while currently on trend, don’t feel right for her. 

“If you’re standing straight with your ballet pump, you have no definition in the back of your calf,” Trinny explains. 

“I can’t afford to go straight down with no arch giving shape to my leg. If your leg just goes straight down the back, like mine does, then having a heel actually helps you have a little definition there.”

Modernise Your Skinny Jeans 

If you lived through the skinny jeans era then you might have a hard time letting go of the style—especially if they suit your body type. 

For those that are struggling to make the shift to looser jean styles, Trinny says the key to getting the skinny jeans right is by changing the pieces you wear with them. 

“If you’re doing skinny jeans and a skinny top then it’s very noughties,” Trinny says. 

“But if you maybe have a shirt and then over it you have a kind of sleeveless tank, then the shirt pops out and the skinny jean becomes like a legging that you’re layering over and then it has a certain element of style to it. 

“Or you can be Carine Roitfeld,” Trinny continues, referencing the former French Vogue editor. 

“She would always do a black skinny jean with a black stiletto, the most phenomenal black Saint Laurent jacket with a white shirt, and that look, is where skinny jeans still has a place: in black with a high heel.” 

Wear More Things That Bring You Joy 

When it comes to the essential pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe, Trinny believes it’s the pieces that bring you joy. 

“To me, the 10 non essential essentials are far more important than the essential essentials,” Trinny explains. “Should everyone have a white t-shirt and a good pair of jeans? Yes but you know, should everyone have a sequined jacket? F**k yes.”

“I have about five sequinned coats in my life,” Trinny adds. “I think you should have things in your wardrobe that you throw on and they change your mood.” 

If that’s not a sign to go out and buy that dress you’re dreaming of then we don’t know what is. 

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