5 Things Trinny Woodall Wants You To Stop Doing To Your Face

Excuse us while we go and reconsider our entire beauty routines.
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As the founder of cult beauty brand Trinny London and one half of the iconic noughties makeover duo Trinny and Susannah, Trinny Woodall knows something about how to help women look good. 

From her sharp (and often brutal) style guidance on BBC’s What Not To Wear to dishing out beauty advice to her more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, you might even think of Trinny as the fairy godmother of the fashion and beauty world. 

But Trinny’s influence doesn’t stop there—she’s also put her consistently faultless fashion, beauty and life advice into her brand new book, Fearless, and has launched two more Trinny London stores in Australia. 

While Trinny was down under, marie claire Australia took the opportunity to ask for some beauty advice of our own. 

Below, everything Trinny Woodall wants you to stop doing to your face. 

Trinny Woodall
Trinny Woodall answers our beauty questions. (Credit: Getty)

Never Changing The Way We Do Our Makeup 

It’s easy to fall into the habit of applying our makeup a certain way but Trinny thinks it’s worth considering whether our techniques still benefit our face as we age. 

“I think our face shape changes. It can soften. We can have things done to it—whatever it might be,” Trinny explains. 

“We need to, just every few years, think, ‘has the shape of my eye changed?’ Should I still be doing a kind of hard black eyeliner, or it should I in fact, be opening my eyes more? 

“What are my brows looking like? Are they following down my eye? Should I lift them a bit? Is there a depth of colour that’s equal through my brow? Because I think if your brows come all the way out, then your face feels broader and more in shape.”

Basically, if you’re still applying your makeup the same way you did when you were a teenager, it’s time to think shake up your routine. 

Choosing A Foundation Based On The Shade You What You Want Your Skin To Be (Rather Than What It Is) 

While most of us would love our complexion to look a little more sun-kissed, Trinny points out that we can’t fake our dream skin tone with foundation. 

It’s about getting used to what your skin colour is and then honouring that” Trinny says. “Because then your base won’t be sitting on top of your skin. It’s a part of your skin.” 

Not Getting The Glow Balance Right 

One of the most common makeup mistakes Trinny sees people making is to do with the much-sought after ‘glow.’ 

“People either go really glowy and they do that sort of dumpling look and they are glowing everywhere, or they do matte because they started doing their base in a decade when matte and a lot of powder was in.” 

“So, getting a balance between glow which makes you look like you have amazing skin, and matte, is crucial.” 

Trinny with her favourite Trinny London eyeshadows. (Credit: Trinny London)

Starting Your Foundation In The Wrong Part Of Your Face

If you can never seem to make your foundation look light and natural then you might be beginning your foundation application in the wrong place. 

According to Trinny, you should never start applying your foundation on the best part of the skin—start on the areas that really need the coverage instead. 

“When you start to put a lot of makeup on where your skin is best, you then need to match it and you put quite heavy makeup on,” Trinny explains. 

“Whereas if you start where your skin might need a little bit of coverage,” Trinny continues. ”And then you fan it out gently, you won’t look so heavy in your base.”

Using Bronzer Where You Should Be Using A Blusher 

Trinny believes that a lot of us overuse the bronzer and underuse the blush.

“We get lazy. We want to do quick fixes. We have little time so you can pick up a bronzing brush and just do this,” Trinny says. 

“But even though you’ll get to the colour you think you want to be,” Trinny adds. “Your face might flatten as a result, and blusher has a great way to actually wring out the sort of shape and the contours of our face more than actually hard contour does. 

“It just gives you freshness. It makes your eyes look brighter. 

“I love to put blush on my cheek, a tiny wash on my eye and my forehead. I like to put, if it’s a cream based blusher, a tiny bit on my lip and then put my colour over. 

“If there is an element of the colour on your cheek, on your eyes and in your lips then it will bring your makeup together.”

Excuse us while we go and reconsider our entire beauty routines.

You can buy Fearless by Trinny Woodall for $36.90 from Booktopia.

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