7 Foundation Brushes That Will Leave Your Base Looking Silky Smooth

It's time for a toolkit upgrade.

They say only a bad worker blames their tools. But when it comes to the art of makeup application, what you’re working with definitely does matter.

In fact, in the case of the velvety foundation finish we all tend to seek, the way a formula is applied is every bit as important as the formula itself.

And though sponges (ranging from the silicone type to the classic beautyblender) are great for a natural finish, there’s just something particularly polished about foundation that’s been buffed in with a luxurious brush designed to do just that.

So if you’re tempted to upgrade your toolkit (all in the name of silky-smooth skin, of course), here are the foundation brushes that will aid you in achieving a flawless base…

Dior Full Coverage Fluid Foundation Brush N° 12


As its name would suggest, this chic Dior offering is all about applying the perfect coat of full coverage foundation (in a way that eliminates any ‘cakey’ connotations said style carries with it). How? Its dual-fibre brush head sits toward the denser side, allowing it to deposit higher coverage formulas without leaving them sitting obviously atop the skin.

$79 at Sephora

Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush


We have two pieces of good news. The first is that this Tom Ford brush (adorned with the brand’s signature chocolate and gold colour combination) is bound to significantly up your vanity’s chicness levels. The second is that it will have the same enhancing effect on your ability to seamlessly spread denser cream or stick foundation formulas; it was made to do just that.

$125 at Myer

Huda Beauty Build & Buff Foundation Brush


Still think your daily base routine calls for more than one brush head? Allow this dual-ended option from Huda Beauty to divvy up the responsibilities without costing double. A multitalented tool that embraces its title’s ‘Build & Buff’ approach, the pyramid-shaped end is perfect for getting foundation onto the face (especially in tricky to reach areas) while the flat option is just what you need for any buffing and blending on your agenda.

$51 at Sephora

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Foundation Brush


Rare Beauty’s foundation brush is not only particularly plush, but its clever marquis shape actually mimics the feel of fingertips (to deliver a believable base sans the streaks that applying with your hands can often leave). As a bonus, it’s also just as capable with powder and cream foundation formulas as it is traditional liquid ones, so pick your poison with full faith that your tool is up to the challenge.

$49 at Sephora

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation Brush


Worried a brush will soak up and steal too much of your precious product? This Pat McGrath version certainly won’t. Whatever goes onto the brush goes straight onto the skin (perfectly evenly, may we add). You can chalk that up to the fact it boasts slightly waved synthetic EvoFibers which ensure it puts down whatever it picks up. The immaculate blendability it also allows certainly doesn’t hurt matters, either.

$90 at Sephora

Burberry Foundation Brush


A friend to all fluid foundations, Burberry’s take on the base brush is (as you would expect from the brand) equal parts classic and effective. Made from soft synthetic fibres and crafted into an easy-to-control thick yet tapered shape, ‘smooth’ is its primary goal, and boy, does it deliver in the silkiness stakes. Long story short, if you prefer the swiping application technique to the buffing one, this is your shortcut to a very velvety finish.

$80 at David Jones

Chanel Pinceau Fond De Teint Retractable Foundation Brush


Chanel understands that even the most expertly applied face of foundation requires a touch-up every so often, and so they created a brush that’s portable, practical and able to create a pristine finish. Featuring soft yet resilient synthetic bristles (and an ergonomic tapered shape that adapts to the contours of the face), it’s the handbag essential that’ll help you (quite literally) save face time and time again.

$80 at Myer

Main image credit: @patrickta

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