Everything To Know About Wedding Day Beauty

According to celebrity hair and make-up artist Sarah Tammer

Getting prepared for your wedding day isn’t exactly a stress free experience. Any bride will attest that juggling venues, flowers and catering with a vigorous routine of appointments is difficult at best. Hence why being absolutely prepared is key.

We spoke with Sarah Tammer, celebrity hair and make-up artist — and part of The Future Mrs, an elite bridal booking agency — about exactly how brides should approach the lead up to their big day. From the appointments not to miss to the current make-up trends she’s loving, Tammer dishes on all things pre-wedding beauty. So, get out your notebooks and prep those Pinterest boards, because it’s time to get serious.

Talk us through some of the biggest bridal beauty trends happening right now

“I believe a bride can wear whatever she feels fabulous in, meaning the outfit and the hair and make-up — we all have our own unique styles so go with what feels good to you.

However, clean beauty it’s a trend that is growing by the minute. I’m an avid advocate as I believe in holistic health and beauty. Beauty that glows from the inside out! Why not go for two looks: clean, polished and natural in the day then et voila, high glam, smokey eyes, rock ‘n roll eye a la Kate Moss for the reception.

Some of the biggest trends I’m loving include luminous skin, flushed cheeks and smokey eyes with a modern twist. For me, this involves the eye looking smudgey and lived-in, with some cream shadow and lashings of mascara.”

What is your biggest piece of advice for nailing a beauty look on the day?

“Don’t go with anything too crazy out or too far out of the ordinary… you don’t want to land at the altar and have your husband to be wondering who the hell you are! It’s not the time to be trying a new kooky haircut or colour or any crazy lip enhancements, surgery… or whack eyebrow tattooing.”

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What are the must-have appointments before a wedding?

“All the things that make you look and feel your best I love Zen Facial [in Sydney], massages, having my hair done; subtle highlights, a good treatment (like Olaplex) and an invisible trim to keep the ends of your hair healthy and tidy. Yoga, meditation, a workout with your personal trainer, spending time in nature, detoxing, drinking green juice.”

What shouldn’t you do before the wedding?

“Facial extractions or aggressive peels too close to the day, bad fake tan, eyebrow waxing (you may be left with red irritated skin), having hair tinted too close to the day (in case you have residue colour left on your hairline). I always prefer my colour a week after, so it’s had a chance to settle in.

Which celebrity brides should we look to for wedding day inspiration?

“High profile bridal looks will be sure to set the tone of current trends. Meghan Markle had a soft and radiant sheer base that allowed her gorgeous freckles to shine through, completed with a natural rosy lip. Priyanka Chopra’s bright matte berry-pink lipstick… Chiara Ferragni’s simple and classic look [that was] clean, polished and effortless.”

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