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10 Times Chrissy Teigen Was The Funniest Person On The Internet

How do we love Chrissy? Let us count the ways…

From dancing on TV in a swimming pool floatie to calling Donald Trump a ‘monumental asshole’, Chrissy Teigen is one funny lady. Here’s the proof:

1. That time she posted a photo of herself on an amusement park ride with the caption, “MY MILK.”

1.   That time she took the Buzzfeed quiz: What Percentage Chrissy Teigan Are You?

3. That time she joked about “never doing this” when she met John Legend

4. That time she debated whether drop crotch pants are really drop crotch

5. That time she Mariah pulled John Legend on stage and she couldn’t hold back her excitement

6. That time she needed a moment after seeing Beyonce

7. That time she danced in a swimming pool floatie

8. That time she called Trump a ‘monumental asshole’… ON HIS BIRTHDAY

9. That time she ‘fessed up to not speaking up at restaurants

1.   That time she gave up on showering

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