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13-Year-Old Girl Groped On US Flight

A passenger touched her for 30 minutes before a flight attendant intervened

A man has been arrested after he inappropriately touched a teenage girl on an American Airlines flight.

Chad Cameron Champ, 26, was accused of groping the girl for half an hour on the flight from Dallas to Portland on Wednesday night.

The flight was not full, and there were lots of seats available, yet Chad took a seat next to the unaccompanied teenage girl. 

Image: Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

He made several attempts to ‘casually’ touch the girl, by ‘accidentally’ dropping his headphones on her lap and leaning over her to put his magazine in her seat pocket. He brushed up against her upper arm and shoulder, and put his hands on her knee and upper thigh three times.

A flight attendant made him move seats when she spotted Chad’s hand near the girl’s crotch, and she noticed a single tear falling down the teenager’s cheek.

Chad was arrested by police and FBI agents when the plane arrived in Oregon for abusive sexual contact, and he is currently in custody at Multnomah County jail.

He has denied doing anything wrong, and pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charges.

The teenager’s parents are planning on filing a civil lawsuit against American Airlines for not noticing the issue sooner, despite her father paying the $150 fee for ‘unaccompanied minor service’ on the flight.

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