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18-Month-Old Girl Dies After Falling From Seventh Floor In Birmingham

On-lookers tried to catch her.

Sad news in Birmingham as a 18-year-old girl has died after ‘hanging’ from the window of a seventh-floor flat. 

On-lookers stood around desperately trying to catch the girl when they saw her, however were helpless as she fell to her death.

The flat was in Birmingham, UK in Great Hampton Row.

A family friend of the girl told Daily Mail that her father was ‘shattered’ by the incident.

“Mohammed came to the UK three years ago from Sudan and his wife came about six months ago,’ the friend added. ‘He runs a second-hand shop and his wife was a housewife.

“He rang me just after the tragedy happened to tell me. I couldn’t believe it. They are both in shock and are inconsolable. He is absolutely shattered and heartbroken.”

A school girl who saw the incident also told Daily Mail about the events.

“I saw a baby hanging out of the window,’ she said. ‘A crowd had gathered at the ground and they tried to catch her. Then she fell from the window. She landed with a massive thud. It makes me feel terrified and I’m still in shock.”

A midnight vigil was held on Monday night for those grieving the death.

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