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This 3-Year-Old Is An Instagram Sensation For The Best Reason

Too cute for words

Scout Penelope Larson may only be in kindergarten, but the three-year-old is already an internet sensation, boasting over 40,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her adorable, empowering posts.

When Scout’s grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, her mum, Ashley Larson, thought that a good way to teach her toddler about girl power would be to dress her like famous, powerful women.

She says, in a post on Buzzfeed, that she taught Scout a bit about each woman before they took the photos and that Scout would choose the picture she wanted to replicate.

“This project has probably taught me just as much or more than it taught my daughter,” Ashley writes.

“I truly want Scout to be able to look back at this and know that women are just as strong as any man. And to be quite honest, my fingers are crossed that by the time she’s old enough to understand the strength she’s portraying- women won’t be seen as delicate and dainty anymore, anyway.”

The project lasted for a year, with the end photos compiled together into a book for Scout’s grandma (who is now, thankfully, cancer-free.)

Check out a few of our favourite posts below:

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