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5 Times Piers Morgan Controversially Called Out Women

Piers Morgan isn’t afraid to speak his mind... especially when it comes to celebrities.

1. Recently, Jennifer Aniston penned a public essay criticising tabloid culture and the way that paparazzi treat women. All over the world, women mentally high fived Aniston for finally sticking it to the paps after years and years (and years) of pregnancy rumours. Morgan on the other hand… well, he responded by suggesting that Aniston contributes to the problem by appearing photoshopped on the cover of magazines. 

2. However, Aniston isn’t the only celebrity to face Morgan’s wrath. He came to blows with Kim Kardashian by offering to buy her clothes after she posted a nude selfie, seeing as her husband Kanye West is reportedly in $50 million of debt. Morgan also questioned her constant desire to pose naked. 

3. While the majority of the world adore the endless talents of the Beckham children, you can guess who doesn’t… Piers Morgan. On Good Morning Britain, Morgan described Victoria Beckham’s Instagram video’s of her children as “shameless”.

4. Gender? Check. Kim Kardashian’s finances and mental stability? Check. Parenting advice? Check. Piers Morgan has an opinion on a wide range of topics and as Susan Sarandon found out after the SAG Awards, fashion isn’t off limits either. Morgan tweeted his discontent for the stars outfit at the awards show, saying that it was inappropriate for the SAG’s In Memorium tribute. Next stop, Fashion Police?

5. Piers Morgan compared Muhammad Ali to Donald Trump and it did not go down well. (Surprise, surprise). Chrissy Teigen and John Legend leapt to Ali’s defence, sparking a Twitter war. It escalated quickly and somehow ended with Morgan doing modelling and Chrissy Teigen’s daughter first words.  

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