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7 Things You Need To Know About Tom Hiddleston

He’s Taylor Swift’s newest love interest and is hotly to be the next Bond – but here’s what you might not know about the British star

He’s pretty posh
Hiddleston not only was educated at Eton, perhaps the most prestigious boys’ school in the U.K. (Prince William and Eddie Redmayne are also graduates), but his great-great-grandfather was Sir Edmund Vestey, 1st Baronet.

He’s super smart
After school, Hiddleston went to Cambridge where he graduated with a double first. We love a smarty pants!

He’ll make you laugh
The man can do a mean impression – from Chris Evans to Chris Hemsworth and Robert De Niro, Hiddleston is a masterful mimic. We are amused.

He can bust a move
To wit, this video of him channeling his inner Michael Jackson while on a south Korean chat show. Perhaps most significant of all could be when he and TSwift hit the dance floor at this years’ Met Ball after party. The rest, as they say, was tabloid history.

He can speak many, many languages…
French, Italian, and Greek, to name a few. It’s a definite plus that most likely Hiddleston would be able to tell you how much he likes you in a variety of European tongues.

His bottom has it’s own hashtag
Starring in this year’s blockbuster mini-series The Night Manager, a love scene between our own Elizabeth Debicki and Hiddleston offered viewers one delectable sighing of Hiddleston’s derriere. The Twittersphere approved and thus #Hiddlesbum was born.

He well may be the new 007
Hiddleston is considered one of the frontrunners to get a license to kill. Consider us both shaken and stirred.

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