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A Body Language Expert Weighs In On The Bachelor

How does Richie Strahan really feel about fan-favourite Nikki?

The Bachelor fan-favourite Nikki Gogan may have admitted that she has fallen in love with Richie Strahan, but does he feel the same way?

Despite looking like she will receive the final rose when the competition ends, a body language expert has revealed that Richie might not be falling in love with Nikki.

The Daily Mail have reported that when watching Wednesday nights single date between the blonde beauty and Richie, body language expert Louanne Ward saw several signs in the bachelor’s action that aren’t positive for fans of the couple.

“Whilst he was very touchy feely in terms of hand holding and knee touching and lots of verbal cues but his body language gave mixed signals,” Louanne said about their date.

“His knees were mostly in the half-open-half-closed position and sometimes his knees were closed together whilst they were talking and not the normal amount of crotch we are used to,’ she continued.

“When Richie is relaxed and engaged his legs are normally open or one leg over the knee, he seemed too controlled whilst Nikki was opening up and sharing her feelings.”

However, body language expert Damien Diecke disagreed with Louanne, saying Richie acted very natural around Nikki. 

“Richie is more at ease with Nikki than with any other girl I’ve seen him on a date with so far,” he said.

Louanne saw it differently, noting that the emotion on Richie’s face gave away his true feelings.

“He had a permanent smile on his face which concerned me,” she revealed. “Real emotions are written on the face, a genuine emotion is only seen for a split second.

“When anyone smiles continuously they are normally putting it on. In facial coding it is a fake gesture.”

Source: Instyle

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