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The Set Of Netflix’s ‘A Castle For Christmas’ Has A Surprising Twist

Everything you want to know about the filming location.

Sometimes, you just need a good corny rom-com to escape into for a couple of hours—Netflix’s latest holiday film A Castle For Christmas is the current answer. 

While the movie has received mixed reviews (let’s be honest, a cheesy Christmas film set in a castle is never going to be an Oscar winner), there’s a good reason why it’s in the streaming platform’s top ten most-watched list. 

Its textbook plot points are, to put it frankly, on point. It’s got its protagonist, a successful author who wants to escape from her life (and the ghost of her ex-husband) in New York. It’s also got a stunning rustic castle she subsequently travels to Scotland to live in. 

Add that to a meet cute with a charming groundsman and Bob’s your uncle—it’s a recipe for peak Christmas-fuelled escapism and we’re here for it. 

Starring Brooke Shields and Cary Elwes (an iconic duo if we ever saw one), the fictional setting where their story unfolds is what truly gives the film its uncanny charm. 

(Credit: Netflix)

Named Dun Dunbar, the snowy countryside, cosy township and that spectacular castle had our eyeballs well and truly content throughout.

Naturally, we got to wondering if such a place actually exists in real life. Here, we deep dive into where the movie was actually filmed. 

Where was A Castle For Christmas filmed?

We’re happy to confirm that the new Netflix film was filmed in Scotland, and yes, the castle is a real place (or places, to be precise). 

Per The Cinemaholic, the castle scenes were filmed across two locations, one being an estate named Dalmeny House, a gothic revival mansion located in in South Queensferry. 

“The mansion was designed by the famed English architect William Wilkins and was completed in 1817,” the publication reported.

(Credit: Instagram / @brookeshields)

The second set was at Tantallon Castle, a 14th century “fortress” in East Lothian (a town that borders Edinburgh). 

There was one thing in the film that wasn’t quite as real—the snow was fake!

The movie wasn’t filmed during winter, so producers had to get creative by making the setting look Christmassy. We reckon they nailed it.

You can watch A Castle For Christmas on Netflix here

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