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A Man Claiming To Be Omar Mateen’s Lover Thinks Orlando Shooting Was ‘Revenge’

He opens up in this strange interview

A man has appeared on Univision in the US, a network primarily targeted at Spanish-speakers. In the strange interview, he claims that Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, was gay and that he was an ex-lover.

The man, known as ‘Miguel’ disguised his appearance with a mask and distorted voice, and revealed some disturbing details about the attacks. He said that a gay Puerto Rican man that Omar Mateen had slept with told him that he was HIV positive after they had slept together. Even though the test came up negative for Mateen, he thought it was too early for it to be correct.

In the interview, Miguel said: “I believe, and I really think, that he hates gay Puerto Ricans. For all the bad things they do to him.”

“I believe this crazy, horrible thing he did was revenge.”

Miguel claims to have met up with Mateen about 20 times, in a hotel in Florida, and describes him as ‘adorable’ and ‘sweet’, saying that he ‘love to be cuddled’.

Univision contacted hotel workers, who confirmed that Mateen had been a regular at the hotel. Police also have CCTV tapes from the hotel.

Though Miguel said Mateen had described Islam as “a beautiful religion in which everyone is welcome — gays, trans, bisexuals, heteros, everyone”, he says that he felt the Pulse nightclub was where he associated his rejection, which is why he chose to bring out his anger.

Miguel has been interviewed by the FBI, and said that he felt that he needed to come forward and say what he knew “as a citizen of the United States and a gay man”.

Watch an excerpt from the interview here:

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