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A Mother Died Protecting Her Son In Orlando Shooting

The mother-of-11 used her body as a shield

She protected her son as only a parent would — with her life.

Brooklyn native Brenda Lee Marquez McCool died on Sunday along with 48 others in a nightclub massacre in Floria last weekend.

Brenda loved to dance so much so that she’d go to nightclubs with her 21-year-old gay son. They were both at Pulse Sunday morning when shots rang out. 

Brenda’s sister-in-law told how the mum of 11 told her son to ‘get down’ and shielded him when Omar Mateen, 29, began shooting.


Not only had Brenda survived one bout of cancer but she was also fighting leukemia when her battle was unexpectedly cut short.


Authorities are now weighing criminal charges against the wife of Omar Mateen after she admitted having tried to talk him out of launching his deadly attack on a gay nightclub, a law-enforcement source told The Post on Tuesday.

Noor Mateen told the FBI that she once drove her husband to the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando before he went on the rampage that killed 49 patrons there early Sunday, the source said.

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