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A Shirtless Justin Trudeau Surprises A Canadian Family On Hike

This is our kind of surprise!

Justin Trudeau, the beautiful and kind human who is currently the Prime Minister of Canada, has been known to delight the Canadian people and others around the world.

When he’s not making a gender-balanced cabinet, explaining quantum computing and cuddling with baby pandas, he’s having the time of his life marching in pride parades.

But in his latest antics, a Canadian family spotted a gleeful Justin Trudeau and his family enjoying Gatineau Park, near Ottawa. According to the PTBO Canada blog, Justin had just emerged from a cave and encouraged them to explore the water-filled caverns!

The father of the family told PTBO Canada about how excited his son, Alexander, was to see the Trudeaus (he appears in the selfie above).

“It was something we will never forget. It was very exciting for us and the kids. What are the chances we had such a random personal moment with the Trudeaus? It was also cool to talk to the secret service guys!”

Justin Trudeau, everyone. Always making someone’s day.

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