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Abused Four-Year-Old Girl Says Her Name Is ‘Idiot’

Her mother's boyfriend allegedly zip-tied her to furniture and hit her with a bat.

Police have rescued a four-year-old child who was being abused by her mum and her mum’s boyfriend and found tied to furniture. When they asked what the girl’s name was, she reportedly replied ‘idiot’.

The girl was found with clear evidence of abuse, with bruising on her bottom, a swollen cheek, black eye, scars across her back, chaffed skin on her wrists and was underfed. The Sentinel-Record reports that she has now been taken into state custody, and the mother, Jennifer Denen, and boyfriend, Clarence Reed, have been arrested and charged for first-degree domestic battery.

When interviewed, Denen said that she had seen Reed beat the daughter with a plastic bat. She admitted that she did not seek medical attention for the four-year-old’s wounds.

Clarence Reed

Reed has admitted to hitting her with a wooden paddle, but not a plastic bat. He also admitted to tying her up with zip ties to furniture in the kitchen.

He also regularly referred to the child as ‘idiot’, however he has claimed that this was simple a ‘joke’.

They are currently being held on US$500,000 bond, and will appear in court on August 23.

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