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Aleppo’s only options: rape or suicide

The Syrian conflict officially 'hell' as the rest of the world looks away.

It’s official, the war-torn city of Aleppo has become the closest place to hell on Earth with reports coming out that this morning 20 women committed suicide in order not to be raped by the Assadists (troops loyal to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad) and foreign militias under Iranian command who have stormed through eastern Aleppo on Monday recapturing almost all of the opposition-held areas.

The U.N. has credible reports that civilians have been killed either by intense bombardment or summary executions by pro-government forces.

Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, said in a statement. “Dozens of bodies litter the streets of a number of east Aleppo neighborhoods, with residents unable to retrieve them due to the intense bombardment and fear of being shot,” Hussein said. “We are nowhere near the end of this cruel conflict.”

Appalling news follows on from Reuters that more than 100 unaccompanied children are trapped in a building under heavy bombardment in eastern Aleppo, according to UNICEF.

And any civilian left who can no longer can find refuge in crammed and crumbling buildings in besieged neighbourhoods are being ‘cooked alive’ on the streets by barrel bombs.

The only hope left for the civilians trapped in the tortuous circumstances are The White Helmets, an incredible group of volunteers who risk their lives to rescue the from bombings, wounds and try to help get them safely out of the city.

White Helmets taking traumatised children to safety in Aleppo.

Internationally, the US and supporters are arguing for the right to establish free passage out of harm’s way, under the United Nations oversight, for civilians trapped, but so far Moscow is rejecting and reneging on any promises.

As any light begins to fade for the people of Aleppo, they are turning to social media to highlight their plight, signing off as troops take control of their neighbourhoods

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