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Apparently, Alex Nation Calls The Paparazzi To Take Photos Of Her And Her Girlfriend

This is... awkward

Alex Nation and her maybe-fiancé Maegan Luxa have been openly dating since the marriage equality ‘Yes’ vote. 

The Bachelor star posted a cute beach photo of her and her football teammate, confirming the romance that had been rumoured for months and simultaneously confirming the end of her relationship with Richie Strahan. 

However, prior to going Insta-official, paparazzi photos of the couple were everywhere – from splashing around in (a very staged looking) Bali vacay to showing off their engagement rings in Melbourne. 

And, it turns out that Alex was calling the paps and alerting them as to where she and Maegan would be – according to her radio co-hosts, that is.

While talking about paparazzi on her radio show, 88.3 Southern FM, Alex’s colleagues, Jay Bruno and Foz, told the mother-of-one she couldn’t be picky when she calls them and tells them to take photos of her.

“You can’t tell them to come down to the beach when you’re down there to take photos of you looking good, and then have a go at them!” they joked to the star. 


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