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Alex Nation Goes Public With Her Same-Sex Relationship Following ‘Yes’ Win

"Initially, I was confused, scared even"

Former winner of The Bachelor, Alex Nation, has gone public with her girlfriend following yesterday’s same-sex marriage ‘Yes’ vote.

The reality TV star, who dated Richie Strahan for around 7 months before she was spotted with her football teammate, Maegan Luxa, revealed she was texting her girlfriend “the whole time” while awaiting the postal survey results.

When the ‘Yes’ vote was announced Alex immediately messaged her partner. “I sent her a text message saying ‘yes’ with all different coloured love hearts and underneath it I said ‘I couldn’t be more happy to be a part of this journey with you,’” she told Kidspot.

The mother-of-one also posted her first Instagram with Luxa, a photo of the two of them watching the sunset. She captioned the photo: “Everywhere around the country, voices of the oppressed rang true. They were not silenced and love prevailed 💜💙💚💛❤️ #onyastraya

On her first same-sex relationship, the star revealed she was initially confused about being attracted to a woman.

“[She] caught me by surprise, out of nowhere. Initially, I was confused, scared even. I’m not anymore.”

“Her soul is beautiful and mine recognised that,” she continued. 

On what the vote means to her, Nation said, “Yes to the right to be authentic, brave and bold and to be united without stigma. To be unapologetic about who you love regardless of gender or race.”

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